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How to understand gestures?

To recognize and read the signals given by a person through sign language is an extremely useful skill, especially for a girl who wants to see the guy who cares for her. Some people can read body language intuitively, others do not notice such signals at all. However, having a certain practice and possessing attention, learning to understand gestures is not that difficult. Thanks to our recommendations, you will learn how to understand gestures.

How to understand sign language

Recognition of body language should begin with an assessment of the distance between interlocutors. The closer a person is to you, the more warm feelings and trust he has in you. The further - the less you are interested in him. Approaching such a person, you will see how he is trying to move away from you. It means that between you there is no trust and the interlocutor does not wish to transfer the communication to a more trusting form. If a person does not move away, read this as an agreement to move to a closer phase of the relationship. It should be borne in mind that the personal space of representatives of different ethnic groups may be different.

Next, we draw our attention to how the interlocutor holds his head. A bowed head speaks of interest or sympathy. If the pose is accompanied by a smile - his attitude towards you is friendly, even playful, it is quite possible to flirt. If the head is lowered - the person in front of you wants to hide something. Looking down can speak a lot while talking. If a person lowered his eyes after praise or a compliment, keep in mind - before you a shy personality, timid and not quite confident. The interlocutor threw up his head - you are pushed into the background, trying to frighten. Although here we must take into account the expression of the eyes, gestures, facial expressions. Recall, at least, the funny head of a dog when it hears an unfamiliar sound.


A glance flashing over the sides signals unequivocally about wanting to evade the answer, about lies or nervousness. But if the gaze directed to the side does not run, be sure - the interlocutor feels comfortable and is ready to accept your offer. This is very useful to know the negotiators.

Looking frowning speaks for itself - before you an insecure and incredulous subject. A gaze fixed on the floor reveals a shy and timid person.However, it should be remembered that some cultures perceive the look in the eyes as a sign of disrespect. Interest is easy to read in dilated pupils. Of course, the probability of the influence of alcohol or drugs should be taken into account In a small proportion of people, the pupils are dilated constantly.

How to understand a person by gestures

If the gestures of the person on the contrary repeat your own, you are dealing with the so-called mirroring. This behavior indicates the desire of the interlocutor to position you to yourself, to establish a strong contact. Arms crossed on the chest signal the subject's intention to defend himself.

A similar gesture, which has become a habit, gives a person closed, also - inclined to corpulence. Arms crossed on the chest “in complete set” with legs spread apart on shoulders width testify to cruelty, imperiousness. The hands clasped behind the neck give a trusting, open person. Hands on hips are a sign of expectation or impatience.

Many girls are interested in how to understand a guy with gestures, and a married woman would not mind to understand a man with gestures. So, if a guy is combing his hair with his fingers, be sure - because of the sincere sympathy for you, it is embarrassing for a young man to admit that he does not agree with your thoughts.An additional signal of a categorical disagreement will be raised eyebrows. The disagreement of the wearer glasses is expressed in moving them up the nose, while the person frowns slightly. Of course, you need to be sure that your interlocutor simply did not correct the glasses. The eyebrows and eyes are lowered, the look is slightly mowed - the interlocutor tries to understand you, although he is quite skeptical.


Frequent wiggle on the tips of the feet clearly indicates the anxiety of the interlocutor, his concern or fear. Approximately the same is indicated by the legs of a seated person crossed at the ankles.

Constantly compressed legs of a standing person give out his desire to appear “right”. The light and casual touch of the interlocutor's feet indicates that this man is not averse to beting her.


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