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How to use a pressure cooker?

Pressure cooker - a device that is used with advantage in any modern kitchen. She is a pot that has a hermetically sealed lid. The lid is held by the lock. And on the lid itself is a valve. This modified pan greatly reduces the time for cooking various foods. For example, if meat is usually cooked for 60-80 minutes, then in a pressure cooker it will take a maximum of half an hour. Potatoes in a simple saucepan cooked for 20-30 minutes, in a pressure cooker - 5-8.

The secret of fast cooking lies in how the pressure cooker works. In a conventional saucepan, water boils at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. The temperature of boiling water remains constant. In a pressure cooker with a pressure cap, steam escapes through a special narrow valve. Therefore, the pressure inside is high. According to the laws of physics, the boiling point of water in a pressure cooker exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, so all products are cooked in it much faster.

Rules for operating the pressure cooker

The main rule of how to use a pressure cooker is that before you open it, you need to release steam from it (through the valve) and cool it.This is a safety requirement, so take it very seriously. In particular, this means that during cooking soup before throwing vegetables into the water, the pressure cooker must be removed from the heat, placed under cold water, let off steam and remove the lid. Then the vegetables are added, the lid is closed again, the pressure cooker is put on the fire, and cooking continues.

Before cooking in a pressure cooker (new) various dishes, it is advisable to boil milk in it without closing the lid. This procedure is performed so that in the future the metal of this pan does not darken.

It is necessary to constantly ensure that the steam exits through the valve. If you see that it is pulled out from under the lid, remove the pressure cooker. Cool it, let off steam, open and close tight again. Sometimes you need to clean the valve with a wire so that it does not clog.

Useful tips

In general, learning to use this device is very easy. A few simple tips will help you master the work with it.

Cooking time starts from the moment the water boils. After that you need to reduce the fire. Cooking does not end when the pan is removed from the water, but after the steam is released through the valve and the contents of the pressure cooker are cooled.Products inside the removed pressure cooker from the fire continue to boil under high pressure. Keep this in mind so as not to overcook the ingredients.

Due to the fact that steam escapes through the valve, the water hardly boils away. This should be taken into account when cooking soup: you need to use the amount of water that should be in the finished product. At the same time, remember that you can fill the pressure cooker no more than 2/3 volume. If you cook foods that swell on contact with water (for example, dried vegetables or rice), then the bar for filling the pan is reduced to half its volume, and sometimes less. The minimum amount of water at which you can close the lid of a pressure cooker and put it on fire is 250 ml.

While it is possible and necessary to cook in a pressure cooker under high pressure, it is prohibited to fry products in oil in it under pressure. In this case, you can pour the oil on the bottom and for a while to brown the onions and other vegetables in it. At this stage, the cover can not be closed. When the time comes, fill the oil with vegetables with water, add other products and close the lid.


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