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How to use curlers?

Curlers are a gentle way to curl hair, along with curling, irons (yes, they can also be curled). You twist on your hair, go about your business, and after a couple of hours - flowing curls on your head. True time depends on the type of your hair and the type of hair curlers. Today, so many kinds of hair curlers have been invented that your eyes run, you wonder how to use curlers of one kind or another. About this a little later, but first we will talk about the general rules of waving.

Curl on curlers: rules

  1. Hair should be clean.
  2. It is good to heat the hair before curling, for example, with a hair dryer. Of course, for hair it is not very useful, but if the result is needed fast, then this is an option. Twirl warm hair, and remove the curlers only after cooling.
  3. Before winding up on curlers, it is good to process each strand with hair mousse or foam.
  4. You can wind the curler, depending on the desired result to the desired length. For example, very long hair can be screwed on curlers up to half the length. Then simply distribute the locks of the finger, without brushing.
  5. Use a large hollow curler to add volume. Wind them up to the roots, fasten. Dry your hair with hot air blow dryer. Allow to cool and only after remove the hair curlers.
  6. The choice of curlers depends on your goal: the creation of volume on the hair; large, light curls; many small curls and so on.
  7. Going to curl at night, choose soft curlers.
  8. Depending on the thickness of the hair you need a different number of curlers.

Curlers-boomerangs: how to use

The boomerang curlers are foam sticks with a wire base inside. They come in different lengths and diameters. For long hair, long sticks are used. Depending on the desired size of curls, a certain diameter of curlers is selected. For small curls there are very thin curlers-boomerangs, for larger curlers, respectively, take a larger diameter curlers.

  1. First, decide how much curlers you have. Think about how to arrange them on the head: how much will it take to the center (like a mohawk), how many sides on each side.
  2. Separate strands of clean, dry hair. Then you can act in different ways. You can attach curlers to the root and wind the strand with your other hand, wrapping around a stick.You can attach curlers to the middle of the length of the strand (these are options for very long hair, when it is simply impossible to start with demise); wind the tip, and then begin to wind the curlers already. So you fix the tip. You can start reeling from the very end. In all cases, it is necessary to finish when the curlers are located tightly at the roots of the hair.
  3. Strands must be perpendicular to the growth of hair.
  4. On very long hair it is sometimes necessary to turn the curlers so that the strand does not spread apart (you will understand yourself in the process of curling). This will not spoil your curls, but only more tightly fix hair curlers on your head.
  5. After the curlers are wound, wrap the ends, forming a “little ball”.
  6. After the desired time, gently straighten the curlers and scroll them around its axis, in the direction opposite to the twisting of the strand. This will relax the coiled hair and make it easier to remove the curlers.

If you do not fully understand the technology of waving, watch the video on the Internet, how to use curlers, how to properly wind and remove them.

Velcro curlers: how to use

Velcro or hedgehogs, as they are called. There are also different diameters, but here the variations are wider.From the smallest to the largest, with which you can even straighten hair.

  1. Velcro is better to use on short hair, as long they are confused. Removing velcro from long hair can ruin curls while you are unraveling them.
  2. Do not use Velcro curlers on loose, split, damaged hair.
  3. Wrap the sticky curlers from the very end of the hair.
  4. In the process of winding, wrap curlers with a strand, as if pushing hair into the spines of the curlers.
  5. Secure the curler when winding the strand to the end. There are Velcro with a special mount, like a second sheath curler, which is already worn on top. There are options without fasteners. You can use simple crocodile barrettes instead.
  6. To remove the Velcro curlers should be very careful, slowly pulling out the hair from the spines.

For straightening small curls, use large Velcro curlers.


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