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How to wash clothes?

They do laundry in every house, in every apartment. Every experienced hostess knows how to wash clothes. However, washing is the real science that needs to be mastered. About this I will tell in this article.

How to wash bed linen from different fabrics

Bed linen comes from a variety of fabrics, and that is why it should be washed with this indicator in mind. Bed linen can be sewn from natural silk, flax, cotton and from a mixture of flax and cotton. Duvet covers and sheets made of satin, calico and calico are also popular. And each fabric has its own characteristics when washing. So, for example, a bed of natural silk should be washed only at a temperature of 30 degrees with the disconnection of such modes as bleaching and spinning. It should be borne in mind that the powder with such a wash should be special, otherwise the laundry after such a wash will become completely unsightly. When washing in an automatic machine, you should definitely add a special conditioner.

You can try to wash clothes and manually. To do this, in the basin you need to pour water again with a temperature of 30 degrees, dissolve a suitable powder in it and immerse the sheet, pillowcases or duvet cover in the water.You can leave the laundry for one hour to soak, but it is worth bearing in mind that you should wash the silk underwear after soaking very carefully.

Now let's try to figure out how to wash clothes from cotton. New bed linen from this natural material should be washed by hand in a basin in non-hot water. Repeated washing can be carried out already in the machine, but only at a temperature of about 90 degrees. That is, the water must be very hot. If necessary, bleach can be added to the water during washing. Never need to wash cotton fabrics with synthetic materials. After such a wash, the cotton will lose its softness, and the appearance of such linen will not be so attractive anymore.

How to wash clothes in the car correctly

In addition to bed linen in every home there is also a whole pile of clothes that require washing. At the same time, it is worth knowing that with such a wash, there are also certain rules.

  • Before washing, be sure to check all the pockets and remove from them everything that lies there.
  • If there are any metal decorations on the clothes, for example, brooches or pins, they must be unfastened.If you neglect this rule, you can cause serious harm to the car. If metal buckles and chains do not come unfastened, then the laundry will have to be washed by hand.
  • Buttons on clothes should be undone, buttons should be fastened, laces and ribbons should be tied.
  • Zippers need to fasten, but the rings from the curtains and curtains must be unhooked.
  • Duvet covers and pillowcases should certainly be turned out, and most importantly - shake out the garbage that has accumulated in the corners of the linen. Socks and stockings before washing also need to be turned out. And do not forget to turn out your skirts and pants.

How to wash underwear

Underwear is a special type of clothing that requires a very delicate approach when washing. Underwear should be washed only with hands, but if there is no such desire, then you can wash the panties and bras in the car. It is worth having special bags on hand. For the bra is to get a special form that will not let him lose his form. In this case, the machine must be programmed to the most gentle mode. And as a powder, you need to use a special liquid tool, which is designed for washing only delicate fabrics.

Separately, it is necessary to say about the lace underwear. It is impossible to erase it in a typewriter under any pretext. But how then to be? Panties can be washed with your hands, but when you wash the bra you can use a little trick. Wash it when you wash yourself in the bathroom. First wash yourself, then put on a bra, soap it and wash the foam with water. All washing done. It remains only to dry.

And what to do if a stain appears on clothes, for example, from blood? Blood stains are easiest to clean when fresh. The most important rule - in no case can not wash such clothes in hot water. The blood protein will roll up and it will be almost impossible to wipe it off. First you need to rinse the contaminated place in cold water. Blood is washed almost instantly. After that, the contaminated place must be wiped with soap and rinsed again in cold water. And only after that it will be possible to wash the item in a typewriter with a powder.


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