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How to wash the glue?

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How to wash the glue?

Working with glue, you can accidentally stain their hands, some things, clothes. Removing such contaminants is usually very difficult, but there are a few secrets that will help you. We will tell about them in this article.

6 Ways to Clean Glue

How and what to wash the glue "Moment"? This will depend on the type of contaminated surface. However, sometimes you can use several techniques at once to obtain the most effective result.


If the contamination is not too strong, you can try to remove the glue in this way. Preliminary, it is recommended to moisten the surface with warm or hot water, to rub a little the place that the glue has got on with an ordinary body / face scrub and then apply a dishwashing detergent or bath and toilet cleaner to it. Next, you will need to wait some time (from 5-7 to 30-40 minutes) and then wash it off. Just keep in mind that too aggressive compounds (for example, Domestos) can injure the skin.

With stains on clothes, ordinary laundry soap can sometimes help.Apply a soap layer to the stain and leave for 30-60 minutes. After that, wash in the machine.


This substance is often used by housewives as an abrasive compound for cleaning stagnant dirt in the kitchen or bathroom.GlueUse this property of baking soda and you can, if you do not know how to wash the glue. To do this, first moisten the desired area with warm water. After that, put a layer of soda on it and then rub it in properly. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times until the adhesive layer is completely removed.


Very effective, but at the same time risky way, because it can easily damage the surface. In particular, on colored fabrics, acetone will leave ugly white spots. If, nevertheless, decide to remove the glue from the fabric in this way, then first place a cardboard or slab under it, so that acetone or glue does not get through the fibers on the surface where the thing lies. But if you do not know how to wash the glue from the hands, then acetone will be most welcome. Just make sure that you are not allergic to the substance. Instead of acetone, you can use modern compositions to remove nail polish - they do not contain acetone, so their action is softer.By analogy, stronger solvents can be used. For example, gasoline.

Temperature effect

It makes sense to try to remove the glue, heating the contaminated surface withGluehair dryer, iron or cooling it in the freezer. Under the influence of temperature, the structure of the glue becomes more fragile, and after that it can be scraped off with the help of a nail file, the back of a knife blade and other similar tools. Only if you use an iron for heating, place a cloth or at least a sheet of paper between the sole of the device and the surface with a stain.


Dimexide can be found in the pharmacy. It is sold without a prescription and costs a penny. A small amount of the solution will need to be applied to a cotton swab, a bandage, and then how to rub it in the place where the glue fell. After that, the surface should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water.


To clean the super glue, use this tool. First, he even copes with stains from professional high-quality adhesives, neatlyGlueand effectively remove that in another way is almost impossible. Secondly, branded anti-adhesive can remove glue from both body skin and clothing and furniture without causing an allergic reaction without damaging the surface.Thirdly, the price of a small tube is very low, and therefore the goods will be affordable for everyone.

All that is needed is to apply the anticlust on the contaminated place and leave it either for 10-20 minutes (if the glue gets on the skin) or for a couple of hours (if you need to clean clothes, furniture). After this, the composition along with the glue is easily removed by improvised means. Also, such a tool is suitable for removing chewing gums or traces of them from different surfaces. Anti-glue today produce different brands, for example, you can use the antiqued "Secunda".


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