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How to water the tomatoes?

July 24, 2012
How to water the tomatoes?

Plants as well as people need nutrients. But only complete and proper nutrition will lead to good results, i.e. to a rich harvest. Proper watering is very important in the process of growing tomatoes, because nutrients are assimilated only in the form of solutions.

How to water the tomatoes correctly

Balance and measure are important here. Do not allow both excess moisture and drying out of the ground. Too wet soil makes the fruit watery, leading to fungal plant diseases. On the contrary, dry soil leads to cracking and dropping fruits. Sharp fluctuations of humidity also have unpleasant consequences: the fall of buds and ovaries, rot diseases.

How often to water the tomatoes

The balance is as follows: water rarely, but plentifully. About once every three days. A well-developed tomato root system has a high absorbed ability. Tomatoes love to extract water from below. Their roots go to the soil to a depth of at least 45 cm, therefore, one bush needs a lot of water - about one bucket.

Basic rules for watering tomatoes

  • The optimal time for watering tomatoes is early morning. Avoid watering tomatoes in the evening. Heated land for the day can lead to the fact that the water passing through it reaches the roots of the hot. This can weaken the plant.
  • Water only by root or by furrow. Avoid getting water on the stalks, leaves and fruits. This can lead to fungal diseases (due to increased humidity) or plant burns.
  • The water temperature should be about +22 degrees (not lower).

How to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse

For greenhouse tomatoes, the same rules of watering and care are maintained as for tomatoes growing in open ground. You can add the following:

  • Enclosed space reduces the possibility of their natural pollination (bumblebees and bees simply cannot fly into the greenhouse). Therefore, mechanical pollination is important. Shake the inflorescences daily or do it with a neatly clean brush (for painting).
  • Ventilate the room to avoid high humidity.

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