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How to wear a bezel?

Oksana Logunova
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How to wear a bezel?

There is a fairly large number of hair accessories, among which a special place is given to the rims. They can be made of any material, they are decorated with rhinestones, flowers, bows, nets and other decorative elements. Headbands hold the hair, and serve as the final touch in a fashionable hairstyle. They are present in the wardrobe of almost every woman and they are used in everyday and evening hairstyles.

Hairstyles with rim

Consider the rules of how to properly wear the bezel. Stories have long been known for such an accessory as a bezel, it became the prototype of tiaras and tiaras, which were decorated with exquisite hairstyles of noble ladies. In shape there are rims in the form of a ring or a semicircle. Today this hair ornament is very popular and many eminent stylists use it to create stylish hairstyles. Headbands for hair can be wide and narrow, metal, fabric, plastic, etc. In order to learn how to wear a bezel, you can follow these guidelines:

  • For evening and wedding dresses, many choose a beautiful tiara or tiara, instead of them you can offer a vintage or wedding band. They are decorated with precious stones and pearls. There are a lot of variants of such hair ornaments; everyone can choose for himself one that will, above all, correspond to his inner world. The bezel is most often chosen according to the color of the dress or any other accessory. Skilled needlewomen can make such a bezel on their own, this requires a great desire and a set of necessary materials. Such an ornament will be the only one in the world. If you have a soft bezel, stylists will tell you how to wear it.
  • For a sports style is ideal - a wide bandage on his forehead. This is a simple and functional option. The bandage removes hair and at the same time it looks very stylish. It is fixed over the hair, or it can be fixed under the hair.
  • The bandage on the forehead over the hair looks very beautiful, this style is called hippie. Bandages use different widths, the main thing is that the hair should be loose. Such a bezel looks great with jeans, shirts, skirts of a free fit.
  • Retro is in fashion again.To do this, choose a wide bandage or bezel on the elastic band. How to wear a bezel? You need to put it on top of your hair, you can put it on your forehead, and then lift your hair and pick it up under the gum. Get a very beautiful hairstyle in retro style.

Now you know how to wear a headband, what hairstyles it looks better in and what style is ideal for this accessory. We wish you good luck and be always beautiful!


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