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How to wear a wig

You do not need to trim your own hair. Just collect them and pin it higher, you can use a special fixing mesh. Remove the wig from the package, gently shake it, comb it if necessary. Curly wigs do not need to comb. If you splash a wig with water to comb it, let it dry before putting it on.
Take the wig at the bottom with both hands; Attach the front part to the forehead and pull the wig back, then trim it. The tabs located on the sides of the wig in the ear, you need to place on the temples. The front of the wig is located either slightly above the hairline, or 3-4 fingers above the eyebrow line. If the wig is sitting too tight or too loose - use the size control - stickies or straps located at the back.
The cap of the wig should sit on the head correctly, evenly and tightly, like a swimming cap, tightly fitting the head from the back of the head to the forehead line. A well-fitting wig is difficult to remove.Be sure to put the wig on to the end in the back and do not lower it in front; it also should not sit high on the top of the head, otherwise it will look unnatural. The procedure of putting on and fitting a wig is difficult only for the first few times; later it will take no more than a few minutes. Quality wigs are easily adjustable in shape and size of the head.
After you put on the wig, lay it down.

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