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How to weave baubles thread floss?

October 13, 2014
How to weave baubles thread floss?

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How to weave baubles thread floss?

Bright baubles came to us from the culture of the Indians, were later popular with representatives of the hippie movement. Baubles are still a popular youth accessory.

You yourself can make a bracelet for yourself or for friends. This handmade gift symbolizes friendship, dedication, location. In addition, Bauble will help make your image more vivid and informal. Baubles are made from a variety of materials: cords, ribbons, beads, beads. Today we will talk about how to weave baubles with floss threads.

Weave baubles from floss

It is not difficult to weave a bauble - even an aspiring needlewoman will cope with this task. There are 2 main types of weaving baubles - straight and oblique. The second method of weaving is more popular with needlewomen.

You will need floss threads of several colors of 100 cm each, scissors, pin.

  1. For a start, you can weave a three-colored bauble.Take 2 strands of each color, a total of 6 strands should come out. Tie all the threads in a knot, thread a pin into the knot and fasten it on the base, for example, on a pad. Braid the ends of the threads into a pigtail.Baubles floss
  2. Take the leftmost thread and tie the next thread with a double knot, after the second thread, tie a third thread and so on until you reach the end of the row. Thus, the left thread will move to the right.
  3. Again, take the thread, which is now on the left. Do the same operations as with the first row. You should get oblique stripes.
  4. Weave in the specified way until you reach the desired length of the baubles. Tie all the threads into a knot, weave the ends into a pigtail.

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