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How to weave hair?

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How to weave hair?

Long hair makes it possible to create a huge number of different hairstyles, in this article we will share several options: how to weave hair.

Weave braids in three strands

Let's start with the usual braids in three strands:

  • We divide all the hair into three equal strands: right, middle and left.
  • We put the right strand on top of the middle one and now it becomes the middle one.
  • We put the left strand on top of the middle one.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 along the entire length of the hair.
  • Secure the braid with a rubber band or hairpin.

French braid

Weave braid can be starting from different parts of the head, we consider the option of weaving from the neck:

  • We take a strand of hair at the back of the head and divide it into three equal parts: right, middle, left.
  • We start to weave like a regular braid, that is, we put the right strand on the middle one, then the left one on the middle one.
  • Then, before putting the right strand on the middle one, add free hair to it on the right side. After that, put on the middle.
  • We do the same on the left side: we increase it with the help of free hair on the left side, and put it on the middle one.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the neck level.
  • You can braid the braid in the usual way, or using other weaving options, or fix it immediately, leaving the tail.

The French braid is the opposite

This braid must be weaved as well as the previous version, only the locks are not placed on top of the middle one, and are placed on the bottom. In addition, the French braid can be made larger by slightly stretching the side strands to the sides. This can be done both in the process of weaving, and after its completion.

Spit Snake

In this case, the braid seems to wriggle through loose hair, the hairstyle is great for special occasions:

  • Weaving we begin with the right temple: divided into three strands, we impose the right one on the middle one, then the left one on the middle one.
  • When weaving, weave, adding loose hair to the left strand on the left side, until you reach the left ear.
  • We expand the braid and direct it diagonally to the right shoulder, while adding loose hair to the right strand on the right side.
  • If the length allows, reaching the right border of the hair, expand the braid to the left side, weave loose hair on the left side.
  • At the end of the pigtail secure it with a barrette.

Spit waterfall

This braid can be both an element of a hairdress, and an independent hairdress. You can weave it in a circle, diagonally, as your soul desires. There are plenty of space for experiments when weaving this braid: weaving in 2, 4 or more strands, weaving several waterfalls, weaving a waterfall from thin braids. Let us consider in detail one of the options, how beautifully weave hair into a braid waterfall.

  • Take a piece of hair with bangs and begin to weave the usual French braid.
  • To do this, divide the hair into 3 parts: upper, middle and lower.
  • We begin to weave: we put the upper strand on the middle one, then the lower one on the middle one.
  • Now we put the top strand on the middle one again and supplement it with loose hair.
  • We do not take the lower strand into further weaving, but leave it. Instead, take the loose hair next to the bottom strand, and put them on the middle strand.
  • Then we repeat steps 4 and 5. That is, we add a little loose hair to each top strand, before we put it on the middle one, and we throw each lower strand and replace it with the same thickness hair strand next to the bottom one.
  • At the end of the waterfall, you can weave the usual braid,reaching the occipital region or to the opposite temple, in addition, you can mow a waterfall and fix it with a clip or rubber band at the end of hair growth.

Plait of harnesses

Consider the option when the braid is made of hair previously collected in the tail:

  • We divide the tail into two parts.
  • Twist each part into a tight bundle (in the direction in one direction).
  • Twist the two obtained tight bundles between themselves (in the direction opposite to the twisting of the bundles).
  • Fix the braid with an elastic band.

Now you know several options: how to weave hair. The video in this article will help you to braid beautiful braids. In other articles of our site, it is described in detail how to weave a spikelet and a Greek braid ?.

How to weave on short hair

However, not only owners of long hair want to weave braids. If we talk about braiding short hair, then there are also many options.

In this case, you can weave a braid, both over the entire head (in a circle), and only in the area of ​​the bangs. For example, a braid waterfall looks great on short hair. Consider several variants of the French braid on short hair.

Short hair: French braid

  • Divide the hair into three parts: bangs and temporal part of the hair, divided into two parts and the other hair (the back of the head and the central part of the hair without bangs)
  • Hair from the back of the head and the central part of the head is collected in a bun, if we want to collect all the hair, if we want to leave them loose, then for the time of weaving we just make the tail, for convenience.
  • Now we weave two French braids from a bang, we let one go along the right side of the head and the other along the left: we reach the ear and weave further at the level of the ears.
  • When the pigtail is woven to the level of a bundle or tail, we proceed to the second one, securing the first one.
  • If you are using a bundle, then the tips of the braids need to be hidden in it, or entwined with pigtails. If the hair is loose then just fasten it together, or connect and dole it as usual.

Double braid with bangs

To make this hairstyle, it is necessary to make a parting on the side of the head, and not in the middle:

  • Weave, it is necessary starting with bangs. In this case, the hair on the bangs should be divided into two braids. The remaining hair can be collected into bundles or bunches, which allows the length of the hair, in addition, you can leave them loose.
  • Weaving we start with the upper braid, and weave it as usual French, the weaving algorithm is described above.
  • When the upper braid is braided to the temple, we weave it further at this level towards the back of the head and fasten it with clips or elastic.
  • We proceed to the spit, which will go along the line of the forehead, it is also executed in the form of a French spit and runs parallel to the top.

You should not perform braids tight, so the hairstyle will be more romantic.

Tips: how beautiful hair weave

  • Before braiding hair must be carefully combed.
  • It is possible to pre-curl them into light curls to make it more pompous and make hair more manageable when weaving.
  • In some cases it is more convenient to weave slightly moistened hair, or smeared with hair foam.

From this article, you learned how to weave hair. These options can be combined in a variety of hairstyles, the main thing is to apply maximum fantasy when weaving braids. For example, you can use various accessories when weaving, such as ribbon, flowers and others.


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