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How to win the court?

Let's talk about how to win the court, on what factors generally depend on the results of lawsuits. The overwhelming number of modern people for some reason believe that the results depend on the “rightness” of the respondent or the plaintiff, on the eloquence of the lawyers. Others are a diametrical opposite and sacredly believe in the indestructible corruption of modern courts. Consider everything in order.

Rightfulness of the participants

Who is right, who is wrong? It would seem that it is not difficult to find out, guided by the current codes. But the truth is that everyone has their own, and everything is decided during the process. Modern courts are guided not only by the current legislation governing specific areas of relations. There is also a Process Code. In simpler terms, not only references to laws, evidence, and arguments are overly important. And this significantly blurs the answer to the question of how to win in court. Great importance is the correct observance of the procedure. Due to this, first-class lawyers without problems break the strongest arguments of opponents, arguing that these arguments are submitted with violations of established procedures.

Lawyer eloquence

According to American films, high-level lawyers give pompous long speeches, have a clear plan on how to win a case in court from its beginning to the end. All this has nothing to do with our reality. Of course, the ability to convince is not bad, but in our country you need to convince not a jury, but an experienced judge. It is not surprising that the higher the seriousness of the issue, the smaller the role of advocacy eloquence in it.


The fact that corruption is flourishing in the country is not even denied by its government in our time. The level of lawlessness now compels people to resort to such seemingly silly and senseless actions as a mystical conspiracy. To win the trial of this, of course, not enough, if the reasoning is real. But in this situation, not all so neglected. No judge would risk a case with a small "issue price". In such cases, conspiracy or prayer is definitely not useful. To win a small court, no one will offer illegal methods for resolving the problems that have been created. Even in the case when you will sue the state structure. It is not necessary to maintain confidence that the courts never go against state bodies.In fact, this is not the case.

In addition, our domestic judicial system is quite complex, it has its own hierarchy. In any case, it will be possible to file a challenge, an appeal, or a complaint. In addition, unscrupulous lawyers are most fond of talking about the corruption of the system.


In reality, the end results of most lawsuits depend only on perseverance, professionalism and intelligence. Any facts can be interpreted in different ways, because our legislation is rather contradictory. It is necessary to conduct the case correctly. By the way, answering the most reasonable answer to the question of whether it is possible to do without a lawyer is the one that says that you can do without a lawyer, and you cannot do without a competently conducted process. In addition, it is often not yet final that the claimant or the defendant won the trial. What's next? Yes, there can be a lot of things, ranging from appeals to various evasions from the execution of court orders.

It is no secret that in our life a lot depends on luck, but after all, relying solely on it is irresponsible and naive.The greater the literacy and responsibility will be, the greater will be the chances of unconditional success.

Some important points

  1. The text of the claim or statement should not be too verbose, it is desirable to include references to direct laws. In the final part, clearly state your requirements, and also duplicate them in the application header. Ensure that these requirements are met by applicable law.
  2. When referring to the judge for help, making an appointment, you should behave modestly, respectfully and with restraint. Immediately on the day of the trial, come early and prepare yourself morally. Swearing or disputes with opponents in any case will not be a plus during the waiting.
  3. Turn off your mobile phone. Keep calm and attentiveness during the meeting, make notes in a notebook.
  4. Do not forget that the judge must address your honor. To other participants, please contact by name and patronymic. Your position, which is set out in advance in the ship's statement, set out clearly and clearly, judiciously answering asked questions.

At the end of our narration, it remains only to wish everyone who has read the best of luck in achieving justice in their particular and personal difficult trial.


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