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How to work as a manager?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
October 1, 2014
How to work as a manager?

Now almost every person with a higher education works as a manager. But many who want to get such a position can not even suggest what the range of tasks facing a person who has a similar profession.

Work as a manager: what it means

Such a profession as a manager implies a number of tasks. What exactly this tasks, as a rule, are specified in the job description. If you want to know how to become a manager, we recommend reading the article How to become a manager. The most frequent professions among managers are:

  • Office Manager;
  • HR manager;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Project Manager.

Read an interesting article on the topic of who the manager is and what he does in the article Who is a manager?

How to work office manager

Most often, the office manager deals with the organization of work in the office. This may be the delivery of drinking water, the supply of stationery, cleaning the room and so on.In general, the work in this profession is usually not difficult, but if the office of such an employee is very large, then everything becomes more complicated. Sometimes an office manager is trusted to organize a whole dozen office space.

How to work as HR manager

The personnel manager (personnel officer) often goes beyond his daily tasks. These include recruiting and tracking a particular employee. However, training and staff appraisal are often added to them. In spite of the fact that in society it is considered that such work is not difficult, in large companies it is not without reason that entire departments of personnel officers with higher management are created.

How to work as a sales manager

A sales manager specializes in selling his company's products or services to customers. To perform such work successfully, you should study well the product or service, get to know the target audience and learn how to sell. This is quite a difficult job in terms of achieving the result, because often such a manager makes cold calls without knowing in advance whether he will be able to interest a potential client.

How to work as a project manager

A project manager is responsible for one or more projects. In the structure of the company, he, in fact, is the head of the department. This person often has a higher education and at the same time he must be well versed in the issues that his department deals with. He is both a curator, and an employee himself, performing a specific task in the overall work of the team.


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