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How to write a testimonial?

A characteristic is a document in which a review of a person’s work and service activity is presented. Characteristic - a summary of the labor and social activity of someone, his business and moral qualities. If you are a director of a company or a head of personnel department, then you need to know how to write a description and what data should be entered into it.

Types of characteristics

Depending on who the characteristic is issued to: an employee, a student or a draftee, the following types of characteristics can be distinguished:

  • recruiting characteristic. This type of characteristic is issued to young people of military age. The document should be a socio-psychological assessment of the identity of the recruit. The characteristic is provided by the personnel department of the educational institution or company in which the recruit works.
  • employee description. In the document, enter the data containing an assessment of the business qualities of the employee and his work activity.Sometimes the characteristic of the worker is called production. This document may be required when applying for a visa at the embassy, ​​when transferring to another company, and in some cases passing a medical examination. If you need to issue an employee description, read about this in the article How to write a characteristic for an employee.
  • student characteristic. If you want to transfer a child to another school, then you must be given a characteristic, which should be given an assessment of the student’s social, psychological and personal traits. This document will help the teachers of the host institution to quickly find the approach to your child and make contact with him. The rules of writing characteristics for the student can be found in the article How to write a characteristic for a student.
  • student characteristic. This document is received by a student after internship at the enterprise. It contains information about the professional knowledge and training of the student, as well as his business and personal qualities. In some cases, the characteristics of the student gives the university for admission to the practice or registration of work. On the rules of writing characteristics can be found in the article How to write a characteristic for a student.
  • characteristic from the place of residence. The document may be required for admission to the university, to work or to the court. Characteristics can be written arbitrarily. In case you need to get a testimonial from neighbors, read the article How to write a testimonial from neighbors.

In addition, the characteristic can be internal and external. Internal is used internally, for example, if the organization is very large, and the employee is transferred from department to department, then they write a characteristic of the established sample.

External characteristics are issued on the hands of the request of the person and presented to another organization, educational institution, court, military registration and enlistment office.

What indicate in the characteristic

Whatever type of characteristic is required, there is a list of data that should be indicated in it:

  • general biographical information (name, date of birth);
  • the education received by the employee / student / student, indicating the educational institutions;
  • labor activity (if the characteristic is issued to the student, then the functions performed by him in the classroom: elder, assistant, representative of the school parliament, etc.);
  • professional activities: achievements, rewards, merit or punishment;
  • personal qualities;
  • information about additional education, advanced training;
  • purpose of issuing characteristics.

Rules for registration characteristics

  1. Before you start writing the main points, it is necessary to name the document. For example, “Characteristic on”, “Production characteristic on” (hereafter, the full name and date of birth are indicated).
  2. Further, it is necessary to set out the data according to the above plan, but not highlighting them in separate subtitles, but in solid text. To highlight the main points you can make paragraphs.
  3. After all the necessary data has been entered into the document, it is necessary to certify it with the signatures of authorized persons (director, head of the personnel department, head of the department), the seal of the enterprise or educational institution (if it is available) and set the date of issue of the characteristic.

If you need a characteristic, but there is no one to write it, you can do it yourself.


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