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How to write a characteristic?

According to the rules, the writing of a characteristic for an employee or student should be carried out by authorized persons of organizations of the educational institution. However, it is often suggested to a person to make a description of himself independently. How to do it according to the rules, our article will tell.

Rules for registration characteristics

A document is drawn up on the letterhead of an organization, educational institution, company, or simply on a blank white sheet of A4 format, for example, when it comes to the characteristics of the residents of the entrance. By the way, the rules for its compilation can be found in the article How to write a testimonial from neighbors.

The document must be accurate, without blots and corrections, spelling and punctuation errors. Authorized officials of an institution or company shall apply a characteristic with the help of signatures and seals.

You need to try to write a description of yourself as short as possible, but at the same time meaningfully and, of course, objectively - otherwise you simply will not sign it.Try to keep the text on half A4 paper.

Structure characteristics

Like any other document, the characteristic requires competent preparation. There are no strict rules in its design, but the basic principles are still available:

  • Headline It includes the name of the document - the word "characteristic" is written in the middle of the sheet in capital letters.
  • Questionnaire part. The first paragraph of the characteristic in which the full name of the person on whom the characteristic is drawn up is written, the year of his birth, education and social status or position (for example, a university student, a lyceum student, a lawyer, a marketing director, etc.).
  • Description of work / study activity. Here it is necessary to indicate in which year and to which position the employee was hired (if a job description is being compiled) or in which year the student entered the school / university (if you need a student / student profile). If the employee was transferred from position to position, then also note this, indicating the reasons. Dedicate a couple of sentences to work or study merit or, conversely, to employee / student shortcomings. If in the course of work / study, diplomas / awards were received, some significant projects were implemented, this should also be noted here.
  • Evaluation of business and human qualities.In this part of the characteristics, it should be noted how hard-working and professional a person is, resistant to stress, how well he is with the team, whether he is punctual, has bright personality traits that greatly help or hinder his work / school.
  • Conclusion This part may contain specific recommendations from the institution. For example: “Ivanov I.I. has all the necessary professional and personal qualities, experience, to hold the position of head of the legal department”. Or: “A student Petrov P. P. requires the development of an individual training program for him, which would take into account the state of health of the student and the peculiarities of his perception of information. To implement the training course, it is recommended to choose the form of education at home. ” At the very end, the phrase is written: "Characteristics issued for presentation at the place of demand." Then indicate the date of the document and leave space for the signature of the head of the organization that issued the characteristic.

Types of characteristics

There are several types of characteristics:

  • training;
  • household;
  • for the draft board;
  • for traffic police;
  • from work, etc.

In addition, there are internal and external characteristics. In both cases, you may be asked to write the characteristic yourself. However, if we are talking about some important matter (for example, if a document is required for the court), then it would be better to enlist the support of professionals.

  • Internal characteristics are made to solve any internal workers, educational, household issues in an organization, educational institution, housing or garage cooperative, etc. For example, it may be necessary if an employee has been decided to be promoted or retired, assign him a new qualification, trust which one is a difficult project, etc.
  • External characteristics are compiled at the request of third parties - banks (when granting a large loan), military registration and enlistment offices, administrations from a new place of work - by guardianship and custody bodies (for example, when considering a case of deprivation of parental rights), etc.

As samples, you can study the patterns of characteristics. But composing a document for yourself, it is better to make it unique, in something different from others.


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