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How to write "s" in English letters?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
February 28, 2013
How to write "s" in English letters?

It is not uncommon for our Russian people to travel abroad either for work or leisure, and often he does not have the opportunity to use the Russian keyboard on a computer or phone. Therefore, you have to use English. But to write Russian text in English letters, so that you would understand is not so easy. For example, the letter "s" ... How are the "s" in English? We hope we will help you with our article!

Remember the transcription

Of course, not every one of us remembers the phonetics and the correct spelling of transcriptions. Since most often these items we are not held in high esteem because of their boredom and monotony. Although they are important enough for full communication in the modern world. Where the borders of countries are erased, people migrate around the world and communicate with each other in different languages. Let's start with the most, in our opinion, a complex letter. It is difficult for an ordinary person without philological education to understand how to write “s” in English letters, because the final sound will not coincide with the Russian, although it can be understood.

We write other complex letters

There are several options. Or write “y” or “ȳ (ui)”, it is possible to write in the following way: “iou” (although we recommend “ou” if you have “and” in front of it). How do you spell "s" in English, we learned, but there are still a few complicated Russian letters for writing with English characters. We give you their transcription: U - written as "schtsch" or "chtch"; a soft sign is not put at all or put an apostrophe upper; You are spelled ju. x as “ch” (“kh”); Yo as “jo”; W as “sch”, F as “sh”; I like ja.

We hope that you have figured out how to spell the letter "s" in English and now you can easily write any Russian sentences in English or American.


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