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I have a question about pots.

Tell me, what are your pans at home? I mean not only the material, but also the displacement. Here, our family consists of two adults and two children. I am looking for now in Kiev new pans that would be enough for our family.
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We have with you a similar family composition. We have enough 4 pots, one 5 l. for the first course, 2 pots of 3 liters. on the second, and one small saucepan on 1 l. for cereal for breakfast.
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As for the displacement, you have to decide for yourself, since each family has its own food culture. Someone is a basin, and someone with a palm, I exaggerate it, of course. I need to buy an enameled pan of 7.5 liters for aspic. I found a site where different pans are sold, until I decide on the colors. Here, look, there is a large selection
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I have home enameled pans and stainless steel. Of course, more in everyday life, I use stainless steel pots. I want to try to buy a cast iron pot, they say the food is tastier.
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I have a lot of pots and the displacement is not small. But I�m really like that baker, I�m cooking like a company :) On average, 2 pieces for 5 liters, 2 pieces for 3 liters, 3 pieces for a liter (including a dipper with a convenient handle).
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Oiratka Elena Frolova
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You need to focus on 3l and 5l katruly. For such a family will be just right.

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