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Instagram users are jealous of Tina Kandelaki’s press

On Tina Kandelaki’s Instagram page, endless footage of intense workouts was replaced by a photograph from a vacation where the TV presenter finally boasts a figure against the backdrop of sun loungers, umbrellas and a serene water surface. And there is something to brag about. “Wonder Woman,” Subscribers leave comments. - So look cool for 40 - happiness! Awesome figure. What a press! So the result of works in the gym is visible! This is a real example of how to do it. I envy! ”

Publication from Tina Kandelaki (@tina_kandelaki)Nov 16 2017 at 5:08 PST

Publication from Tina Kandelaki (@tina_kandelaki)Nov 15 2017 at 8:50 PST

The figure of Tina Kandelaki really can only envy. As she herself wrote a couple of days ago in Instagram: "I was very fond of the movie" The Matrix "in my childhood. And of course, Trinity was my weakness. She was super sportivnaya, pugnacious, and even Monica Bellucci failed to take Keanu Reeves away from her. By 42 I got close to my ideal, then a motorcycle and hand-to-hand fighting. "


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