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�Is it necessary to conduct additional operations controlled by SBERBANK during financial operations with the VISA card?

When contacting the savings bank No. 7978/1410, the employee thereof told us that YOUR CARD DOES NOT EXIST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING bought THE LAST THREE MONTHS AND OUTSTANDING (THE CARD WERE WERE 12/14) WE WON'T BUDGET. I ask you to answer this question and in the cases of my correctness, EXPLAIN TO THE EMPLOYEES OF THIS SBERCASSE ABOUT THEIR ............ BEHAVIOR. V.N. Artemyev
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I, too, had somehow suspended my visa card, but they didn�t say anything about Sberbank. I applied to the Baltic Bank, where I was extended to it (or they were re-issued, I don�t remember).
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Maybe you just go to another office? there might have been some idiot sitting
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Northern owlet
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How do we explain anything to Sberbank employees? Write an official application to the bank, according to the law, you will be answered in writing within 30 days.
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Reissuing a card, by the way, is done for no more than 10 days, by law.

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