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Is it normal at 40 to engage in street art?

Husband is obsessed with these graffiti. He considers himself almost an artist. Home is not, always "in work". True, this work does not bring money. And the glory somehow does not warm ..
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Answered on December 4, 2014 21:40
If this person likes it, why not! Maybe inspiration came to him only in 40, and all this time he was looking for himself and could not find. Wait, maybe he will get bored or he will calm down a little, or it will bring him fame and money. Everything takes time. If you look at the famous artists, they also did not immediately become famous, but only after some time. if you don’t like his occupation, try switching your husband to something else, write him down to the sport club or go swimming with him, take care of him so that you don’t want to run and draw on the walls.

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