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It’s not easy to find a place for a wardrobe. Ideas successful decision

No one will argue with the fact that things should be stored in the closet. Unfortunately, not every room is suitable for placing such a massive piece of furniture in it. In those cases when the standard cabinet does not fit into the layout, and you need to organize storage, you can go for tricks or design tricks. And here are a few of them.

Hide clothes behind a textile screen

The curtain will look less structurally than a sliding door or screen. This will create a feeling of lightness in the room, and the space will remain.

Use the space above the bed

The mezzanine can be not only above a wall or a cabinet. The place directly above the headboard can serve you as well. Make sure the shelves are narrow and do not hang directly above your head. Small narrow cabinets can be arranged on the bedside tables.

Install a loft bed in the bedroom

If you do not use the bed as a sofa during the day, then you can limit yourself to a very small height of the ceiling above it. And the first "floor" is great for organizing a storage system or even a small dressing room.

Place the bed at a slight elevation.

The podium is a kind of alternative to a loft bed. But things are kept closed. On the one hand, access to things is somewhat more difficult, and the bed has to be raised. On the other hand, the bed is low, and the layout is not too different from the standard.

Use any free space

Many are ready to consider as a storage place only a single wardrobe, but this is not suitable for every room. Place individual shelves and mezzanines around the entrance, window opening, or right behind the head of the bed. For the latter option is ideal retractable design.


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