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Japanese Poppy

To make poppy from Japanese polymer clay, you will need Claycraft by Deco clay in white, blue and red. White is the base color, and red and blue are the pigments that are added to the base white and the necessary colors are created. You will also need PVA glue, glue brush, scissors, toothbrush, stamens, a bowl of water, an egg mold or boxes of kinder surprises, a jar with toilet paper reeled in the shape of a nest and a napkin. Wipes are best used by Huggyes, as they have the necessary structure that helps our clay not to dry out during the manufacturing process.
 For making poppy
First of all we get of the packages, the required amount of clay, as shown in Photo and laid on a napkin, after which we cover with another layer of napkin so that the clay holds moisture.
needed imoe amount of clay
Take the white base color and actively begin to knead it in your hands, stretch,as in Photo.
Clay emits an adhesive substance and becomes more pliable in circulation, softer. By mixing red and blue, we get lilac, which we will use for the base of the flower itself, then add it to white.
add it to white

Making a drop on the palm, using the fingers of the other hand as in the photo.
 finger pressure
 pressing with fingers
By lightly pressing the knife, we draw a picture like a poppy flower.
 pattern like a poppy flower
Scissors cut corners.  we cut the corners with scissors
With the help of pressure with a toothbrush extrude the textured pattern, which makes our midpoint even more ozhey on a real flower.
 real flower
Mix red clay with white, as in Photo and divide into 10 parts,5 of which are slightly larger than the rest.
 Mixing red clay with white
Having formed a droplet, just like in the middle, we roll it out on the hand by gently pressing the fingers of the other hand.
 we roll it on the hand
In pho We lay out our flower petals for the egg frame.  In the egg mold With glue PVA and brushes, glue stamens to the middle. Some stamens can be placed higher than others.
 Part of the stamens can be placed
Lubricate the ends of small petals with glue and glue them to the middle.
Lubricate rkttv
We stitch each next petal on top of the previous one and go to it on the floor a centimeter. The fifth petal must be placed at the very first.
 glue on top
Do the same for the rest of the petals, which are bigger.Gluing all the petals, gently press them at the base of the flower, thereby pulling it out and giving the Maca form.
 flower base
We straighten the flower petals, the main thing is to do it very gently so that they have not lost their form. In order for the flower not to lose its shape during drying, it must be placed in a jar with the so-called “nest”, which is very simple to do, you must wrap toilet paper around the hand and fasten it.
 put in a jar
For complete drying, you must leave the product alone for 24 hours.
 Japanese poppy
Then you can glue it on the back lku, gum, hoop, or create a whole composition of such colors, it all depends on your imagination. Remember, this polymer clay does not like moisture, therefore it is prohibited to wet the product. [/L_REPEAT]

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