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Jasmine Foamiran Hairpin

This hairpin will be a great decoration for hair in the summer.
 foamiran jasmine hairpin
For the manufacture we need the following materials: - green corrugated paper colors. - plastic suede white and green. - lighter. - scissors. - stamens for flowers. - a few beads. - glue gun. - hairpin-clip for hair. - floristic wire. Prepare a pattern of petals - this will be a pair of blanks rex petals in diameter 5 cm.
 pattern of petals
We need to make 8 of such blanks.
Now you need to cut all the petals cloves, in each workpiece on the upper edge.
 cut the teeth
 on ezat teeth
For further work is necessary for the flower petals to handle, knead fingers of hands.Take alternately petals. And its 4 parts we stack on each other.
 we stack on each other
And we twist them together, turning them with our fingers.
twist them together
Then we spin a little backwards and stretch each part of the petal with our fingers, at the middle of it.
stretch each part petal
 stretch each part of the petal
And then warm up the middle of the petal with a cigarette lighter, and use some a stick with a rounded edge to create a groove in the workpiece. Deepening will be from the inside.
 warm up the middle
 grooves in the blank
Basics for colors are ready. Take the stamens. You can use ready-made, purchased ones, and you can make beads yourself.
 make beads
With ready-made flowers we glue the stamens with a glue gun. glue the stamens
Left sepals for flowers. Cut them out of 2x2 cm squares. Cut a blank in the form of a petal with 4 leaves from them. They need 8 pieces.
When we cut out, also scroll the edges with your fingers.
sepalsscrolling them with your fingers

scroll through them with your fingers
Now take the leaf blanks and cut the sepals from squares 0.8 x 0.8 cm for buds. In the same way as for flowers . And the leaves will be 4x3 cm in size. Cut out 5 of them. We make sharp notches around the edges. cut into corrugated paper Also scroll them with your fingers and straighten it in the middle. pasting this wire
scroll them with your fingers
We take a plastic sheet, you can use a laurel leaf, and with We will help to make veins on the leaves. You can warm up the lighter with a lighter and immediately attach it to the plastic base, pressing it tightly against each other. Beautiful prints are obtained. Now from the seamy side we glue the glued wire of 5 cm length to each sheet. There will be 5 leaves with wires.
 use bay leaf
Now we proceed to the buds. Sepals are ready, we cut out white petals of plastic suede. For them we use pruning after cut flowers. And cut them out in the form of small droplets of 5 pieces per 1 bud.  we proceed to the buds We take the glued wire and on its edge we attach the whitepetals with a glue gun.
bonded wire
And then fasten the sepals.
we fix the sepals
 we fix the sepals
It is time to build a sprig. We take the main wire 8 cm long, attach a bundle of 3 buds and 1 leaf to the top edge. Connections close the corrugated paper. Going down 2 cm below, we fix another 2 sheets, and after 3 cm, we again attach a bundle of two buds and 2 leaves, and wrap the paper to the edge of the entire main wire.
 jumper from fameirin Jasmine
Now we take ready flowers and fix them on a branch, arranging along the entire length.
 jumper from fameirin Jasmin
With purl hand glue gun fasten a large hairpin-clip. Decoration is ready. It remains to decorate with beads. This can be done at will.
 jasmine foamiran hairpin
Well, that's all decorated with a twig,the hairpin is ready.
 jasmine foamiran hairpin
Good luck to all. [/L_REPEAT]

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