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Johnny Depp investigates murder in the trailer of "City of lies"

Johnny Depp returns to the screens with a serious role (in other words, without the grimaces of his favorite character Jack Sparrow, which he recently abused). The actor will remind us of two high-profile cases of the 90s, when the suspects were never found, namely, the murder of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorius Biga, who were called the main victims of the “coastal war” that unfolded at that time between the rappers of the US Eastern and Western coasts . Johnny plays Detective Russell Poole, who, along with journalist Jack Jackson (Forest Whitaker) decides to shake off the dust from the case twenty years ago. Nothing good will come of this, as can be seen from the trailer of the film “City of Lies”: the murder of musicians is one of those tangles that it is better not to unravel.


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