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Knitted split swimsuit in shades of green

We crochet asplit swimsuit in shades of green.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton, 320m / 75gr) 120 g;
  2. hook number 2.

Pattern Description

Knitting description


For the front of the bottoms, we knit a chain of 15 feet. and knit art. s / n 14 rows, then knit, making in the extreme columns of one increase on each side in each end row, i.e. through a series of 20 rows. For the hinged rear of the front row (on the other side of the chain of air) we knit 2 rows of st. s / n without increments, then adding 1 loop on each side in each row. Thus we knock another 22 rows.

Next, join the work in a ring, adding aerial. between the front and back (from the sides) by 40 degrees. and knit 2 rows of Art. s / n.

Then we change the thread to light green and we knit a pattern in a three-row pattern. We finish knitting with two rows of art. b / n. Tie the edges with two rows of art. b / n.


We knit a chain of 128 airs.and knit 7 rows of Art. s / n, then change the thread to a green one and knit it according to the 5 row scheme.

Next, knit 7 rows of art. s / n green thread. We cut and fasten the thread.

For each side of the associated band knit 40 Art. b / n, then do the decrease (through one loop), but there will not be one loop left.

Bind the entire part in one row of Art. b / n. Twist the cords and sew, as shown in the photo.


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