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Kyivstar: how to connect the Internet?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 26, 2014
Kyivstar: how to connect the Internet?

If you are a Kyivstar network subscriber, then you need to figure out how to connect Kyivstar Internet. It should be noted that this possibility is not only among users of mobile communication. If you want to use the Internet at home or in the office, you can use the connection to the "home" Internet.

Mobile Internet

The operator Kyivstar offers several options for mobile Internet:

  • prepayment. In this case, you pay 29 UAH for 30 calendar days, which is 0.90 UAH. in a day;
  • daily payment. In this case, you have to pay UAH 1, 35 daily;
  • tariff plan + Internet. Depending on your tariff plan, you can choose the Internet service. You can learn more from the representatives of Kyivstar

The first Internet connection is free of charge. If you disable the service "Internet", then for its renewal you will need to pay 10, 63 UAH.

You can order the service by calling the number 477 * 154 call, and it is disconnected by the following command - * 154 * 0 #.In order to activate the service, after a call to the specified number, it is necessary to overload the mobile device.

In addition, if you run out of money in the account, access to the Internet will be terminated and will resume only after the account has been replenished. You will need to dial the number * 154 * 2 #, and the service will be activated again.

"Home Internet

If you want to connect the "home" Internet network of Kyivstar, then you must leave a request on the website or contact the mobile office to fill out the questionnaire. After that, representatives of Kyivstar will contact you and discuss all moments of connection (the time of the visit by engineers of the installation of your home or office). It is worth noting that the connection to the “home” Internet is free, and the modem will cost you 1 UAH, but you will have to pay its rent every month besides the monthly fee.


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