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Lamination of eyelashes - volume and attractiveness

Ivan Orlov
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Lamination of eyelashes - volume and attractiveness

Beautiful velvety eyelashes - the dream of most women. Not all nature has presented such a gift. Every day when applying makeup girls have to tint eyelashes, giving them extra volume and length. Some resorted to build-up, but because of this, the hairs lose their vitality, break and become thinner. Modern technologies of the beauty industry have come to the aid of the beautiful half of humanity - lamination of eyelashes allows you to achieve the desired results.

Lamination of eyelashes in St. Petersburg with a guarantee of quality at a reasonable cost is provided in the beauty studio of Olga Ershova. This is the most effective way without the use of chemistry, curling, which allows you to make the eyelashes visually larger and larger. The new technology eliminates the daily use of mascara and is completely harmless.The use of natural products has a beneficial effect: it nourishes the cilia, stimulates their growth, makes it more beautiful and stronger, gives them a thick and twisted look.

How is the lamination of natural eyelashes

Eyelash preparation:

  • cleansing and degreasing;
  • application of a special moisturizing and nutritional agent;
  • imparting the desired curvature using a silicone mold; securing;
  • application of an agent for lengthening and thickening hairs.

The total duration of lamination of cilia is about an hour. The duration of the effect is two to three months, depending on the rate of growth of the eyelashes. Salon experts recommend to protect the eyelashes from water during the day. And the rest after the procedure, you can lead a normal life and not change their rules of care for the face.

Lamination: features and benefits

Specialists of the beauty studio and the client point out the clear advantages of this method of care for the eyelashes:

  • first, a lasting effect;
  • secondly, additional care and nutrition, growth stimulation;
  • thirdly, the lack of discomfort when wearing eyelashes;
  • fourthly, no need to apply makeup daily.

Our studio operates in St. Petersburg and is known for its comfortable and high-quality service, pleasant atmosphere. Masters of the salon in their work use only professional equipment and proven cosmetic products from reputable manufacturers, giving the best effect. Another advantage of the studio is reasonable prices for services. We work daily and offer a lot of services aimed at creating an attractive, well-groomed appearance of visitors. Contacting the salon, you will save time, money and become even more attractive. Allow yourself well-groomed fluffy eyelashes of a natural look - be in trend.


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