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Learning to make a beautiful and unusual beam on the head

There is a great many of the most diverse hairstyles. Some of them are elegant and able to emphasize femininity, others are suitable for everyday activities, and still others can be called unusual and even shocking. And who is suitable beam on his head? And how to do it?

Beautiful and in a wedding hairstyle

Who is it and how to choose?

A beautiful bun on the head is almost a universal hairstyle. And if you try and choose what will make the image complete, then you can become the queen of any party. But there are several nuances that need to be taken into account when creating this hairstyle. We list them:

Good and beautiful

  • If you have a beautiful long neck and almost perfect facial features, then you can afford a high bun, which will draw attention to your shoulders and emphasize aristocracy and femininity.
  • If your neck is not so long, then you should not draw attention to it. It is better to choose a low beam.
  • Young ladies of high growth will not fit the beam at the top, since it can make them even taller, and this will already look ridiculous and ridiculous. But the low girls can easily afford it.
  • If you are a slim and tiny lady, then a voluminous hairstyle is not very suitable for you, as it will make the upper part of the body and the whole image heavier. In this case, you should choose a neat tight beam.
  • With wide cheekbones and coarse facial features, it is worthwhile to place the tuft not on the top of the head, but a little lower. In addition, it will be great if you leave a few strands and make them your face.
  • Consider and what you will be wearing. So, if this is a smart elegant dress, then the hairstyle should be matched. Choose neat options. If the outfit can be attributed to the youth style, then a sloppy bunch will do. And with a cocktail dress, it will be beautiful to combine something original.

How to make this haircut: several options

How to make such a haircut? It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You just need to be patient and explore a few win-win options proposed below:

Classical bunch of ballerinas

First, prepare a hair tie and hairpin. To create this hairstyle, first collect the hair in a low tail. It should be pretty tight, which will create the effect of elegance and chic.Now twist the hair into a tight tourniquet. Then start this tourniquet around the base of the tail (if the hair is thick, then the elastic should be voluminous). As you wrap, fasten the hair with hairpins to prevent the bundle from falling apart. End tuck in and secure.

Ballerina Bundle

Bundle withroller

To create it you need a special volumetric roller. You can buy it in large shopping centers (in the departments of accessories) or in specialized stores. In addition, prepare a pair of rubber bands for the hair. So make a high taut tail. Now put a roller on your hair.

Simple and with style


And there are two options. So, you can distribute the hair on the roller (you get a fountain), and then tie them with a thin elastic band (it will be at the base of the tail). After that, the hair that remained under the elastic band, wrap around it so that the tips do not stick out. If the hair is of medium length, then you can choose the second option and proceed as follows: put the roller on your hair, and then begin to circle the hair under it in a circle, evenly distributing it.

Astrakhan bunch

Divide the hair into 4-5 parts. Now tie each of the resulting part with a thin elastic band.All tails must be located in close proximity to each other, so that the beam appears to be single, not fragmented. Now twist each curl into a tight flagellum and lay next to the base, securing the pins. When all the flagella are twisted, once again in several places fasten the hairstyle with the hairpins so that the parts are joined together. Sprinkle the resulting structure with varnish. Is done.

Cute image

French beam

To create a hairstyle, you only need studs and fixing agent. Collect all the hair in your hand and start to twist them in a bundle, while lifting up. It turns out that on the one hand the curls will be wrapped, and on the other they will cover the hair. The end needs to be wrapped. Secure curls with hairpins and sprinkle hair spray.

French version

Sock hair bundle

In fact, the sock replaces the roller, but this option is slightly different from the already proposed ways to create a hairstyle using special wide elastic bands. You will need a thin elastic band and a regular sock (it is best to use terry and volumetric). The place where the fingers are usually located should be cut off.

Now twist the sock.Make a tail, thread the hair through the toe. Tip the tip of the toe (from top to bottom). Now, as if wind hair, wrap them, moving to the base of the tail. Periodically, curls the locks so that the toe can not be seen. Reaching the end, straighten the hair and firmly fasten the structure at the base of the tail, so that the beam does not fall apart.

Negligent volumetric bunch

Make it simple. Collect the hair in the tail and scrape it over the entire length, then slightly twist and form the base of the tail with the bundle formed, occasionally securing the design with hairpins. End tuck for gum. Do not seek to tighten everything tightly, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve volume and negligence.

The easiest and fastest option

Take all the hair in your hand, gathering them. Now twist the tail into a bundle. As you twist, simultaneously lay your hair in a circle, forming a bun. Finish the end. Attach the whole hairdress with hairpins and fix it with lacquer. It is not necessary to achieve the ideal form, negligence is a feature of this beam.

Helpful Tips

Some tips for real fashionistas:

  1. It will be easier to do a hairdress if hair is clean. But you should not wash them.It would be best if you washed your hair yesterday, and today you want to make something out of your hair. Curls will not fall apart and be beaten out, combing them will be easy. In addition, there will be no shine. Everything will be almost perfect!
  2. If you want to shine the whole evening, use fixatives. Mousses and gels should not be applied, as the hair when creating hair should be dry. But at the very end it is simply necessary to apply varnish in the form of a spray on the whole head. By the way, you should choose the means without odor, since the sharp will interrupt the fragrance of your perfumes
  3. No need to wet hair. In this case, they will stick to their hands, which will complicate the process. In addition, the curls should be evenly lay down, which becomes impossible with wet hair.
  4. Sometimes it seems that everything is simple. In fact, it is. But if you do not have the experience and skills, and the hands do not obey, then you should not hope that the hairstyle will work out the first time in 5 minutes. It comes with experience, so just practice a little and it will work out.
  5. Do not do hair in a bad mood. If something makes you angry, worried, or worried, then the hair will literally fall out of your hands, and nothing will turn out.So calm down, drink water, take a deep breath, and only then proceed to the process.

Let your haircut be the most attractive and original. Create the perfect look and draw the eye!

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