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LEGO for younger students and adolescents: a variety of products and themes

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
May 22, 2017
LEGO for younger students and adolescents: a variety of products and themes

Children, starting from the age of six, are already fond of various hobbies and interesting activities. One of these activities can be picking and collecting Lego designers, in the assortment of which there is a huge number of sets aimed at boys and girls of one or another age. Parents need only know what their child is interested in and what are his dominant inclinations. With this in mind, it will be easy to pick up the Lego series, which will allow a student to enjoy a student with good gifts for several years in a row.


A wide selection of Lego thematic series for school children

The creators of Lego are very sensitive to the interests of a particular age group of children and adolescents. Many series are devoted to popular characters, characters, films or comics.Children enjoy playing with figures of their favorite heroes, creating dwellings, transportation, places of entertainment or battles for them. In order to better navigate and make an informed choice, it is advisable for parents to know the specifics of the main Lego thematic series. Here you can highlight several areas:

  • design and construction (City, Classic, Creator, Technic, etc.);
  • for role-playing games by human characters (Friends, Juniors);
  • with fantastic characters and adventures (Elves, MarvelHeroes, StarWars, etc.);
  • collection (Minifigures, Architecture).

All series is simply impossible to list. For their full review it is best to go to the site of a large online supermarket of children's products, where the most complete range of products of this brand is presented. Here there will definitely be a topic that will entice a boy or a girl of primary school age for several years.

Special series for boys and girls

There are series (for example, Friends), which are oriented on the same sex in meaning and style. However, most of the thematic lines are designed to enthrall both boys and girls. And in such a series as Lego Elves, there are separate sets designed specifically for girls or boys.For the first sets are offered, made in glamor keys, and for the second - fighting locations, warriors, fortresses, dragons.


Thus, whatever the child is fond of, in the assortment of Lego there will definitely find a thematic set that is perfect for him. Parents will be happy both with the child’s enthusiasm and with the fact that playing with such designers, as well as their collecting brings real benefits to the personal development of the baby.


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