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Lent Calendar for 2015: the seventh week

We make the menu for the seventh, most strict week of a post.
What to eat in the post
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Monday, April 6

Xerophagy. On the table are bread, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey.

Tuesday, April 7

Wheezing In the menu, bread, vegetables, not heat treated, fruits, nuts, honey.

Wednesday, April 8

Wheezing Bread, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and honey are allowed.

Thursday, April 9

Wheezing On the table are bread, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and honey.

Friday, April 10

Full abstinence from food.

Saturday, April 11

Xerophagy. The menu includes bread, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and honey.

Sunday April 12

Easter, the end of Lent.

Exit from the post should be smooth. Therefore, on Sunday, do not rush to arrange a holiday belly. The fact is that while you preferred vegetables and fruits, the body switched to an economical mode of energy expenditure. It may not be enough to assimilate fatty, fried, rich products. Eat regular meals in small portions.

Do not abuse kulichi, pies, eggs. On the first day after fasting, add fish to your diet. On the second day - dairy products. But with meat soup rich wait five to seven days. And even more so give up the traditional festive dish - aspic. He digested very badly.


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