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I work in a large company as a warehouse manager. The warehouse is very large, the goods are quite heavy, and on this basis there is a need to buy a lift. Advise which one is better to take, where are the options to see?
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Low power
Low power
Answered on August 29, 18:17
This is a very expensive equipment. But if you have a large company, you probably have the means to buy such equipment? It is not necessary to buy a new one, you can look after it.
Roman Belyaev
Roman Belyaev
Answered on August 29, 19:26
I understand you have a large warehouse. It probably makes sense to buy an electric lift, it’s harder to work with a manual one, it’s more for a small warehouse and light goods. I know that, for example, you can buy electric construction hoists here.
Answered on August 29, 19:31
Maybe you can take such equipment in leasing? It seems to me big companies, such as HSE Forest. See more on their website.

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