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Love Story: Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky

She is:a writer, an actress with Jewish roots

Is he:soviet poet

Happy hours are not being watched ...

At the end of July 1915, the 22-year-old Mayakovsky, the poet who was gaining popularity, was invited by Elsa Kagan to the house of her elder sister Lily in Petrograd. Lilia was married and almost two years older than an enthusiastic youth who, after reading the guests' poem "Cloud in Pants", unexpectedly asked permission to devote the work to the hostess of the evening. This offended Elsa, but Mayakovsky, who had nursed her first, gave himself all to her sister. The future master of Soviet poetry called the day of his acquaintance with Lily in his autobiography “I myself” “the most joyful date”.

Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky

Not even a week passed before Vladimir came to the Briks' house, and from the doorway he told Leela and her husband Osip that he could not live without her. Thus began the "three-ruble marriage", which lasted until the tragic death of Mayakovsky - suicide, committed on April 14, 1930. In the spring of 1919, Briki and Mayakovsky moved to Moscow, like in Petrograd, three of them in one apartment; since 1922, they often traveled abroad for a long time.Wherever they were, their refuge turned into a bohemian salon, attracting writers, artists, art historians. Brik took on the role of literary agents of Mayakovsky, making useful connections and doing the publication of his works.

The “wedding” decoration of Lily in a relationship with the poet was a ring engraved with her initials LOVE (Lilya Yurievna Brik), repeated around the circumference. It turned out an infinite "love": LOVE ... She wore it without removing it until the end of her days (she was destined to survive the fiery poet for 48 years), like a pendant, on a gold chain. In response, Lily gave her beloved a ring, also with initials, having thought up to turn the first letter of his last name. And there was a graphic, mirror neighborhood of W and M: Vladimir (in Latin) Mayakovsky.

Love Formula

In the Bermuda Triangle "Briki - Mayakovsky" there were stormy internal and external currents. Osip, Lily and Vladimir almost always had relations with someone on the side, while behind the closed doors of their common home, there were more than once whims, quarrels and scenes of jealousy among their own. Osip and Vladimir shared his beloved woman, but she did not allow Mayakovsky to become strongly attached to some other beautiful woman: he devoted poems, took care of him for a long time, thought about marriage ...

The sincerity and depth of feelings of the poet-rebel to the secular lady with free views on family and morality are not questioned by contemporaries, or biographers and researchers of his work. With Lily is more difficult. Her attachment to Mayakovsky is not devoid of motives of vanity, self-interest (in fact, he kept the Briks family, providing them life in a big way with delicacies, linens and cosmetics from France, antiques and private car) and possessiveness - be happy with me or with whom! Someone who knew the scandalous trio very accurately called the muse and tormentor of Mayakovsky “the beast who balanced on the verge of good and evil” —the femme fatale, the vamp lady, as we would say today, behind which the heartbreaker’s reputation lasted from the gymnasium years.

Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky

Quote for valentine

In addition to your love,
i don't have sun
but I do not know,
where you are and with whom.


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