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Luxurious baroque in our interior (10 photos)

How many different styles there are! But how to choose the one that is suitable for a particular room and make it beautiful and comfortable? Much depends on the preferences of the owner of the dwelling and on his taste preferences. For example, if you love chic, glitter, pomp and wealth, then by all means consider the Baroque style. But first, find out all its features.

Queen's bedroom

A bit of history

For the first time, the term “baroque” in relation to art began to be used by critics and historians in about the second half of the 18th century in Italy. Initially, this word was invested negative meaning, it is often used for ridicule.

Literally, it meant something like "strange", "ridiculous", "freaky". Such a word was also often a real stigma for those who tried to deviate from the precise rules of the classics, which was considered a complete bad taste.

Antique furniture

The reassessment of the word occurred only in the XIX century, when it finally stopped investing negative meaning in it.It received several new meanings, such as “elitism”, “insincerity”, “pretentiousness”, “deformation”, “exaggerated emotionality”. But the shade of these values ​​has changed, they were perceived as something unusual and new, but not at all bad.

When is this style appropriate?

Who will like the Baroque style? First of all, those who are accustomed to wealth and bling. Traits of style literally shout that a person lives here self-sufficient, but not devoid of taste and fantasy. All these intricate lines and elements in large quantities will delight the eyes of those who adhere to maximalism in literally everything. But supporters of minimalism and modern trends of style, most likely, will not feel very comfortable in such a room, such pretentiousness will strain them.

In dark colors

What rooms can be equipped in this style? Most often these are bedrooms and living rooms. A kitchen equipped in this direction will look ridiculous, and a child in such a children's room will be uncomfortable.

Main features

Like in a castle

We list some features and main features of the Baroque style:

  • Symmetry. It is present literally in everything and is considered compulsory.Asymmetric details here you will not see.
  • Curvilinear intricate lines, elaborate and majestic forms, complex outlines of elements.
  • Molded decor elements.
  • Gilding. Golden shades are present in the decor everywhere.
  • Fireplaces are also often used by designers. But they certainly must be elegant and chic.
  • There are murals, which are the main elements of the decor.
  • In the interior, you will certainly find different patterns: curls, interlacing lines and other similar ornaments.
  • Fabrics are present almost everywhere: on chairs, sofas and beds, on windows, they are even walled up by walls and ceilings.

Color solutions

Interesting style

What colors can be used? Here are a few options:

  • Classic white is one of the fundamental, it can be used as a background.
  • Beige shades are necessarily used: ivory color, milky, cream. Such gentle tones will smooth out the excessive pretentiousness of the design.
  • Golden and silver shades give the interior a special luxury and favorably emphasize the details of the decor.
  • Shades of brown are rich and elegant, so that they can and should be used.
  • Deep burgundy is often present in the design of the premises in this style.
  • Mustard is also valid and can be used.
  • Noble blue will enliven the room and give it mystery.
  • Pink is also used, but only its bright colors.
  • Beneficial and fresh looks turquoise.

Particularly appreciated are contrasting and vibrant combinations that highlight the pomp of the decoration and enliven the interior.

What materials are used?

We list some materials characteristic of this style:

  • Marble. It looks expensive and at the same time elegant and elegant.
  • Lacquered wood underlines the sophistication and taste of the owner.
  • Different fabrics: velvet, silk, tapestry and other chic and rich.


Classic style

As for the finish, then there are some principles and rules.

  • Walls can be covered with textile wallpaper. For example, silk screen printing would look perfect. It is also suitable plaster, especially Venetian. But in this case, necessarily sprinkle the wall with stucco, curbs, various inserts or painted or varnished wood panels. Be sure to select the characteristic drawings and patterns.It can be scenes from works, landscapes, patterned ornaments or something else.
  • Ceilings were painted earlier by artists and represented whole works of art. Most importantly, the ceiling was a kind of logical continuation of the wall. Perimeter can be decorated with stucco.
  • Sex should be a kind of visiting card of the owner of the house and literally scream about his wealth. You can use a marble or ceramic tile, a set parquet, a stone mosaic. The color scheme should correspond with the main tones of the room, remember this.


Interesting chairs

If you decide to choose a baroque style in the interior of a house or apartment, then pay special attention to furniture, it should be a bright and rich accent of the room. Here are the main features of the furniture: curved backs, expensive upholstery, varnished or gold-plated surfaces, high backs, carved armrests.

Underlying furniture:

  • Sofa. Wide, comfortable, large and certainly upholstered in textiles and decorated with drapes. Forms are smooth, but unusual.
  • Large mirror in a carved or forged frame or a massive pier glass.
  • Large closet with carved or curved elements.
  • Bench under the legs with soft upholstery.
  • Bed. It should be big and chic, certainly with a chic headboard, which is a bright accent, as well as carved fancy legs.
  • Bedside tables.
  • In the living room, place a large round table.


Elegant for a big house

The room must be bright, it will make it even more spacious, and the swing is an important feature of the style. Here are some of the lighting elements you can use:

  • Crystal large chandelier with a variety of elements in the center of the ceiling.
  • Candles.
  • Table lamps in the form of candles.
  • Sconce

Gilding, crystal, intricate shapes and elements must be present.


Unusual bedding

Baroque decor is needed and very important. Here are some elements you can safely use:

  1. Pillows. They can be silk, velvet, tapestry, decorated with embroidery or printed patterns. Lay them out on a bed or a couch.
  2. Carpets. But these are not the pile carpets common to many, but tapestry or embroidered with silk threads.
  3. Murals
  4. Tablecloths They must necessarily be rich and sewn from expensive beautiful fabrics.
  5. Various statuettes are welcome.
  6. Pictures: still lifes, landscapes, portraits, scenes from the works.
  7. Watches can also be an element of decor, if they are antique and decorated with gold.


Modern version

Some useful tips:

  1. With the help of color you can distinguish and separate the lower and upper levels of the room.
  2. Baroque style is not suitable for small rooms, it is appropriate only for spacious rooms.
  3. Do not use many colors and shades at the same time, excessive variegation is not needed.
  4. Do not forget about the decoration of windows and doors.

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