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Making Biscuit

What is biskornyu? This is a small cushion, which, depending on the size, can be used as a needle bed, as a key ring on a key or a mobile phone, as a decoration on a Christmas tree, or simply as an unusual thing in the interior. Biscuit looks like a product embroidered with beads or floss threads, consisting of two equal squares stitched together in a special way. How to make biskorny? It is necessary to note several stages of this work: 1. Choose two schemes for the product (you can easily find them on the Internet or even draw it yourself). The size of the patterns depends on the desired result at the end of the work: the less a souvenir is needed, the smaller the pattern for embroidery will be. Both schemes should be of equal size.  Making Biscuit
2. We select floss and / or beads for embroidery. We cut off the desired piece of canvas and mark it with threads or a washable marker for the fabric (in no way by a felt-tip pen, pen or ordinary pencil - then you will not wash it off).The size of the segment of the canvas should be such that on all four sides of the markup of each of the two schemes there are still 5-10 rows of the canvas.
 Making Biscuit
3. We embroider the drawing on the canvas according to the chosen scheme.
 Making Biscuit
4. We retreat one or three rows from the edges of the picture and we twist backstitch (the back needle stitch).
 Making Biscuit
5. Then we proceed to sewing embroidered pieces. To do this, you need to determine the middle of either side of one of the pieces of the canvas and connect it to any angle of the other piece of canvas. Then thread the thread in the next loop twisting. So we go around the perimeter.
Making Biscuit
6. In the end, leave a little uncrossed space and turn the product on the front side, fill it with filler (cotton wool, holofayber, sintepon). We sew up the sides of the biscuit to the end.
Making Biscuit
7. We make the pads utyazhki. For this, exactly at the center, pierce the pincushion with a needle and thread (you can use a beador a button). On the other hand, the needle should come out exactly in the center. We tighten as tightly as possible and fasten.
Making Biscuit
That's it, work is done, Biscuit is ready! You can optionally sew tassels to the corners or loop a handle.
 Making Biscuit

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