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Making hairpins with foamiran flowers

Flower assembly

On a wooden skewer tightly wind the green stripe in the form of a roll, gluing it where necessary. Screw the second strip over the green. It turns the core of the flower. Then the product turns over and petals are glued. First row, then second and third in a checkerboard pattern. So that all the empty places are filled. Following this, the sepal and green leaves are glued. The finished flower has a size of about 10-11 cm.
 hairpin with foamiran flowers

Fastening a flower to accessories

In this master class, a flower will be attached to a 12 cm long hairpin. In general, fittings can be any. The principle of attachment is the same for everyone. To disguise the place of attachment, you need to cut a circle of a suitable diameter from the green one. A flower is glued to the fittings. It is better to use superglue.On the underside, the attachment site is masked with a green circle. The product takes a neat appearance.
 hairpin with foamiran flowers
The hairpin with unfading gerbera flower is ready. She will decorate the hairstyle of any woman, making her unique.

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