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Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt in the drama "Allies"

A new drama by Robert Zemeckis “Allies” promises to be another our favorite movie! First, we are faced with an uneasy love story against the background of the Second World War: spies fall in love with each other during the execution of a responsible mission, unaware that their feelings will have to be tested not only by war but also by treason when he finds out double agent and works for ... Germany.

Secondly, starring Brad Pitt, who is incredibly uniformed, and Marion Cotillard in dresses in the style of the 40s, fatal and very dangerous. "Spies", according to rumors, so accustomed to the role that on the set everything was a little awkward. But no, the spouses of actors Angelina Jolie and Guillaume Canet can sleep peacefully, all the chemistry between the two ended at the very moment when the director said: "Stop, shot."


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