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Megan Markle celebrates her first birthday in the royal family

Publication by Meghan Markle (@meghan_markle)Aug 4, 2018 at 9:28 PDT

While Harry was busy with organizational matters, Megan was happy to talk with other guests and looked great: in a dark blue dress of the American brand Club Monaco and a hat from the favorite British aristocrats Philip Treacy, the birthday girl managed to eclipse the bride and show herself. By the way, the bride Charlie Jaysey Jenks also attended the wedding of Harry and Megan, so from their side it would be impolite to ignore the ceremony, even for the sake of the birthday of the duchess.

"My mother always said: birthday is your own New Year. This is your chance to come to decisions that will only matter for you, to make your own predictions for the year ahead, ”Megan wrote in her 2016 blog The Tig. According to her, that day she always looked back on the past 12 months and set goals for the year ahead.Apparently, over the past year many, if not all, wishes of the Duchess came true!


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