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Methods to identify the main trend in the bidding

Methods to identify the main trend in the biddingNow compare the chart for the stock of Time Warner with the stock for the stock of Electronic Art. Electronic Art stocks do not behave like stocks limited to a specific price range. Pay attention to the steady rise, like the stairs, the price of shares Electronic Art.


So .. methods to identify the main trends in the auction. Even in the presence of a pronounced upward trend in the price of shares, this movement only in exceptional cases is strictly uniform. Very often, in the observed trend, periodic reversals and mini-consolidations are observed, which gives the diagram a stepped view.


Such a staircase march is a distinctive feature of the upward price movement trend. Despite the fact that such a trend can be determined and quantified, it is easy to identify in the diagram, which often happens in practice. As long as the stock price continues to reach higher and higher intermediate peaks, and its regular drops are not lower than the previous ones, the upward price movement trend remains unchanged.We will talk more about trends and these ladder view diagrams in Chapter 10.


Stocks may also show a downtrend, which is the exact opposite of the price uptrend. An example of this downtrend shown by Kohl ’Corporation’s stocks is shown at 9.10.


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