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Mini waterfall in the house

We want to make in the lobby on the first floor a mini waterfall and gold run goldfish. Water has a beneficial effect on the energy of the room. Tell me how to do it better. Can you do it yourself?
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Answered on December 3, 2017 14:59
It seems to me that this is not difficult. Buy a plastic container of the size you need and cover it from the outside with decorative stones of different sizes, lay a slide out of them, buy pumps that will take water from the pool and feed it to the top of the waterfall. This cycle will ensure the work of an artificial waterfall.
Answered on December 3, 2017 15:10
It is still equally important to ensure waterproofing of your waterfall. To make it look as natural as possible, it is desirable to use natural materials to the maximum, the same stones. You can connect them with concrete. Here you can order the manufacture of architectural concrete
Answered on December 3, 2017 15:16
I think that the most correct is to turn to specialists. Especially if you plan to run there fish.

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