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Missionary pose in sex photo

Missionary pose in sex photoThe history of missionary position.



This position has long been the most popular sexual position. The most common is the classic version, in which a man is on top, and a woman lies on her back with her legs apart.


There are several versions of the origin of the term. But the following is generally accepted: the position owes its name to Christian missionaries. It turns out that the Catholic Church for several centuries urged people to ensure that only this position is decent, and all the rest - great disrespect for the church.

Sensual kiss in bedHowever, one cannot fail to notice the fact that no other religion directly prohibits sex postures. The attitude of the church to sex was very complicated, and it was believed that everything that went beyond the concept of “man from above” was considered a great sin. European missionaries, being on the Pacific islands among unfamiliar tribes, were the first to notice that foreigners use unorthodox postures during sex.The missionaries were discouraged and declared that only one position was acceptable to Christians, and all the others “borrowed from animals” were sinful.


According to another version, this expression was created by the natives, who for the first time found Christian missionaries in this unusual position. This version is not a contradiction of missionary celibacy because the majority of the missionaries were Lutherans and Englishmen, but not Catholics.


It is suggested that Bronislav Malinovsky, an eminent ethnographer, be the first to learn about the current name of the pose from the inhabitants of Trobriand Island in the 1940s. However, the term "missionary position" began to spread in 1945 - 1965. So what is the missionary position: a way to get maximum pleasure while making love or a relic of antiquity and a banal habit? Let's try to understand this issue, along with useful tips for sex from an interesting site tips.


What a missionary position looks like - a man on top.



mssn3The classic correct description of the missionary position: the woman lies on her back, with her legs spread apart, either lying quietly on the same surface with her back, or slightly raised to her chest, or hugging a man.A woman hugs the torso of a man with one or both legs. They can be placed in different poses:


  1. - at the top of the partner's legs;
  2. - around the hips of the man;
  3. - lightly hugging the partner's back;
  4. - based on the buttocks or on the shoulders of a partner.


Usually, a woman’s high leg elevation provides deeper, deeper penetration during intercourse.
A man lies on top of a woman so that the heads of his partners are at the same level (if the height is the same), he places his legs between her legs, the man’s groin should be at the same level as the woman’s groin. A man, as a rule, rests on his knees and on bent or straightened arms. During coitus, the movements are more due to pelvic frictions.


Missionary position has a lot of advantages.



This type of sexual intercourse is overwhelmingly very emotional and sensual for a man and a woman.


Sex partners in this position can see facial expressions and emotions at each other at close range, can look into each other’s eyes, hear sighs, breathing, moaning and other sounds that can reinforce a burning passion.In addition, the partners have the opportunity to kiss.


Both a woman and a man have the ability to give extra caress with their hands, but at the same time a woman has much more freedom than a man.


Sexual intercourse is usually accompanied, in comparison with other poses, by deeper penetration.


mssn2The man has an additional opportunity (depending on the movements performed by the couple) to touch the woman's clitoris, while stimulating him.


In this position, a man is able to fully control his movements and, as a result, at will or hasten the onset of an orgasm, or slow it down for a long time.


Many women enjoy the direct feeling of “obedience”, “submission” to a man and the opportunity to caress him as you see fit.


This position does not require excessive flexibility from either the woman or the man.


Making love in this position can be quite a long time, because The position is not tiresome, especially for a woman who is deprived and remains relatively relaxed. The easiest way to achieve orgasm tension muscles of the vagina.The missionary position for the newcomers will be a profitable and logical choice. It is convenient to have sex quietly.


But the missionary posture has its drawbacks.



A man should rely on a woman (in most cases it is unpleasant for the weaker sex) with all his weight, or he should try to keep his body with his hands and knees on weight, which is a tedious task. In general, in this position, a man usually gets tired much faster than in others.


Partners are usually uncomfortable to stimulate the clitoris with the help of hands.


Partners do not have the opportunity to see each other's naked bodies.


In this position, the male orgasm is often much faster than in other positions.


Sometimes it may have a negative value of too frequent use and prevalence of the position.


Improving missionary posture.



Sexual alignment is in the number of sexual positions as a variant of the missionary position. Sexual alignment is intended specifically for stimulation of the clitoris during sexual intercourse. It can be achieved by adding to the “man on top” option in the position of the missionary of additional movements of pressing and moving the pelvic area, which each partner performs in accordance with the rhythm of sexual intercourse.


mssn4Without a doubt, this position is the most popular sexual position in the world. Some researchers are able to consider the missionary position to be less common. Alfred Kinsey wrote the work "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" (1953), which indicates that all the married women interviewed by him personally used this position more often than others, and 9% of them - used exclusively by her.


Such a term as "missionary position" can also be used in describing the position in anal sex, in which the partners lie face to face, on each other, and the passive partner is located from the bottom.


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