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Modular hotels.

I am interested in the opinion of people about the hotel. I want to buy modular hotels for business expansion about a plan like this. How do you think such a housing option would suit you during your holiday? And if not, why not? I would be grateful for a detailed answer.
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Answered January 31, 16:36
My husband and I love to relax on the sea. If I had been offered a choice of a hotel room or such a modular house, which is located separately from the general bustle, with all the comforts, then without doubt this option would suit me more.
Answered January 31, 16:44
I like this hotel option too, but a lot depends on the cost of renting this house. The higher the cost, the less willing will be to settle in it.
Answered on January 31 16:55
In appearance, it is certainly tempting to spend a vacation in a modular hotel, but in order to appreciate it to the end, one should live there for a certain time.
Answered on April 8, 17:38
Such modular hotels will be able to be designed and erected by specialists from this company: The important thing is that before the start of construction work the company’s employees will also carry out exploratory work on the site and carry out all the estimated calculations. Prices for all works in this company are acceptable, all stages of work can be easily controlled. And most importantly - all objects handed over by this company are of high quality.

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