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Moisturizing hair mask


We know that man is 80% water. The body needs a certain amount of moisture, moisturizing, in order to function properly, to perform the work qualitatively. Hair is no exception. When they lack moisture, they fade, dry up, take a non-aesthetic appearance.

Causes of Dry Hair

On the way to the beauty of the girls go to desperate steps. One, wanting to lose extra pounds, falls under the surgeon's knife for liposuction. The second increases hair at the hairdresser. But to be beautiful, it takes a little, most importantly, to identify the causes of unhealthy hair, skin, why there were hated fat folds.

You can hold a lot of newfangled procedures at the beautician to get rid of hair from dryness. For a couple of weeks, the result will be noticeable, but then everything will return if you do not solve the problem from the inside. Unhealthy lifestyle leads in the end not only to external changes, but also affects health in general. But first, understand what you are doing wrong with your body.

Let's find out the causes of hair dryness in women.

Nervous system overstrain

Under the conditions of the modern lifestyle, we no longer pay attention to the constant stressful situations that surround us. Jamming at work, scandals at home, the child brought another deuce, was late for transport, received a reprimand from the chef - all this happens to each of us. We forget that such calmness, harmony, pleasant harm. Even when we are at home, we think about working problems. Such a situation does not make us healthier, more cheerful and more cheerful. All this leads to lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, circles under the eyes, hair and skin are dried, fall out, break down. Stress accumulates in the body. As a result, it turns into a disease. We think that we just caught a cold, but it's the body's signal that it's time to change something. Ways of solution: first you should have a good rest, take a vacation. It is not always easy, not every boss is ready to let go of the right employee for a long time to rest. But try to get out of the situation. The best vacation is to go to nature or go to another country so that nobody there knew you. If you do not have the opportunity to go abroad, then find a village, a recreation center in ecologically clean places, take friends or a loved one and come off there to the fullest.Forget about everything that happened at work. Learn to live in harmony with your body and mind, disconnect from problems, stressful situations. Meditate, do yoga, it helps to restore emotional balance.

Moisturizing hair mask

Internal Violations

Most people's lifestyle is active. Therefore, often we do not visit on time doctors to identify and cure the disease. “Ah, it will pass by itself” - this is the favorite phrase of the Russians. But it does not happen. Yes, the symptoms are gone, it seems to be better, but the problem remains. If the disease is not treated, it develops into a chronic one. Thus, violating the immune system, metabolism, and simply poisoning our lives with our presence. This leads to deterioration of appearance, fatigue, depression, bad mood. The hair becomes thinner, falls out and stops growing, the sebaceous glands do not produce the necessary amount of sebum, the skin acquires a pale tint and flakes. Ways of solving: allocate one day, postpone all the cases, get out of work and visit the doctor. It is better to undergo a comprehensive examination of the whole body: ultrasound, tests, examinations, etc. To know exactly where there is a real problem, how to treat it and what to do in the future to restore the normal functioning of the body.

Unhealthy food

Snacks on the run, lack of breakfast, a tight fat dinner are favorite disturbances of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Remember, without proper nutrition there will be no health. We all love all kinds of hamburgers, chips, sweets and other "yummies". But they are deposited on our sides, disrupt the digestive system, worsen the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Although, what are the vitamins with such a meal. Hair and skin are the first indicators of malnutrition.

Moisturizing hair mask

Ways of solution: adjust your diet. This will require: patience, willpower, the desire to become a healthy and beautiful person. There are several immutable rules:

Breakfast is the main meal. It starts the body, gives it a push for the whole day, gives energy. Therefore, it must be dense and tasty. Porridge, eggs, cottage cheese, rye bread with meat, cheese and vegetables are the best breakfasts of all time. These dishes can also be combined with each other. The main thing is that for the next 2-3 hours you feel full.
Balance in everything. Remember, proper nutrition is not a diet, not restricting oneself in food, permanent bans and an empty stomach. A person needs the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Under the constraints of any of these macronutrients leads to malfunctions in the body.
Do not forget about meals. They should be 5-6, but in small portions. Do not fill your stomach for the whole day ahead. Prepare dishes at home in advance, arrange them in containers, and bring them to work in the morning, then you will definitely not forget to eat.

External environment

The external factors of nature also have a negative effect on hair: frost, hot sun, strong wind. Always wear hats. If you are a fan of swimming in the pool, be sure to wear a bathing cap to protect your hair from chlorine.

Bad habits

Cigarettes and alcohol have not made anyone healthier. Hair also will not tell you "thank you" after another cigarette smoked. Exit - stop smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, energy.

Incorrectly selected hair care

This is the most common cause of dry hair. Ourselves we spoil them, constantly laying strands with the hair dryer, straightening with the iron, we do chemical waving, coloring. In addition, it is not always possible to choose high-quality shampoo, masks and balms that suit you.

The most popular moisturizing hair mask

Among women, there have long been established preferences in the field of beauty and hair care. There are several of the most popular recipes for hair masks, which are easy to prepare at home.

The main ingredients for moisturizing hair are:

Oils: castor oil, burdock, olive oil, grape oil. They are rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that the hair needs.
Glycerol. It attracts water to the hair and keeps it inside. But with him the main thing - do not overdo it. The recommended dose in cosmetics is no more than 7%.
Eggs. In particular - the yolk. It has a moisturizing effect, leaves a light film on the hair that protects them from drying out.

Moisturizing hair mask

Fat milk, cream, kefir. Dairy products have long gone to work for the beauty of women. Remember Cleopatra. She took milk baths so that her skin was silky. Milk has the same effect on curls.


Nourishing onion mask.

Take 3 pieces of onions, grind in a blender or three in a grater. As soon as the gruel turned out, pour half a glass of olive oil into it. It neutralizes odor and reduces the concentration of caustic fumes that cause watery eyes. Add to the mix 3-5 drops of essential oil. Choose any to your taste.It is added to reduce the smell of onions in your hair. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, impose on the hair, distributing from the roots to the tips. On the head put on a bag or shower cap and wind a warm terry towel.

After half an hour, wash off the mask with warm water using a shampoo, repeat the washing procedure 2-3 times. Usually this is enough to completely get rid of the onion smell. But if this did not happen, and you still feel it, then use the following tips: apply a mixture of yolk, honey and a couple of drops of essential oil on your hair. Such a "wash" from the onion smell is just suitable for dry hair type and will enrich the curls with nutrients even more.

Mask for dry and colored hair.

Need a glass of yogurt, 2 tbsp. l. fresh honey (non-candied), vegetable oil - 50 ml.

It is advisable to make kefir yourself. There are 2 ways: wait for the milk to turn sour itself or add a slice of black bread to it, so the milk will turn sour in a couple of hours. Home-made kefir is much more nutritious and healthy than purchased.

All the products are mixed and rubbed into the roots of the hair, making a light massage.Then we distribute the mixture through the hair to the roots, pin the hair with a hairpin, if they are long, we remove the package and towel. Keep the mask for 30-60 minutes. It is important to check if you are allergic to honey (if you have not used it before).

The mask will restore the color if it has already managed to fade, restore the structure of the hair, smooth it, make it soft and silky. Kefir is rich in calcium, so it is especially useful for hair and nails.

Restorative and moisturizing mask based on ginseng.

For preparation it will be required:

tincture of ginseng root - 2 tablespoons,
1 chicken egg (yolk + protein),
fat cream - 3 tablespoons (fat content of 25% and above).

Ginseng tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy. This is an inexpensive tool. But if you are a fan of doing everything with your own hands, then prepare it yourself. First you need to find the ginseng root. Dry it, grind to a powder. At 30 gr. dry mix take a liter of vodka. Fill it with powder, leave it in an open container in a dark place for a month. Strain through cheesecloth or strainer. Tincture is ready for use!

When all the ingredients are prepared, mix them, put on your hair, wait 30 minutes.


The nuances of the procedure of applying masks to the hair:

Pre-wash hair and dry naturally, apply a mask on semi-dry strands.
Do not use a hairdryer after the procedure.
To check the body's reaction to a particular product, allergies may occur. To do this, put on the delicate skin of the inside of the hand a drop of a new product for you. If after half an hour there is no redness, burning, itching, then the product is safe.
The mask is not for the future, but for one application. Often the mask ingredients are perishable products, so their storage in the open air for more than an hour is impossible.
The mask is best applied in rubber or plastic gloves. Some products used in preparation cause skin irritation. This is especially true for hands, as microcracks, burrs often appear there.

To be beautiful is hard work. But if you take care of your health, regularly carry out cosmetic procedures, prepare vivifying masks and infusions at home for the care of hair, skin, nails, then the natural beauty will not leave you.


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