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Mortgage loan: which banks should be contacted

Can you imagine? Every month 40–70 thousand for 20–30 years! This is a huge time! And during this time, anything can happen to a person. The borrower may lose and not find a job, God forbid ill. And after many years of stable payouts, if something happens, there is a huge risk of remaining on the street. According to official figures, as of December 1, 2017, Russian mortgage debts reached 5 trillion rubles! This is 13% more than in 2016. At the same time, 90% of apartments in new buildings are currently sold as mortgages.

To rent a house today is also not cheap. Odnushka in a more or less normal district of Moscow is less than 30 thousand rubles a month. And then with the grandmother's repair and it is good if without red carpets and Soviet bedspreads. So think, who better to pay - for his apartment to a bank or for someone else's uncle? In European countries, by the way, there are very few people who buy their own homes. In Spain, for example, the maximum mortgage rate is only 5%.It is available there, so yours-someone else's - there is not much difference. And the prices are different. We have a minimal rate, which only two Russian banks offer today, 6%. And then for families with children born in 2018, 6% only for the first three years, then the rate increases significantly.

Mortgage loan: which banks should be contacted

Mortgage loan: which banks should be contacted

When buying an apartment, you need to choose not only the "right" bank, but also a construction company, where the price and quality would be at an adequate level. It is important to pay attention to the reputation of the company, for the duration of the projects, whether or not construction objects are being commissioned on time. The location of the residential complex where you are going to rent an apartment is very important. How well in the area is developed infrastructure and transport network, proximity to the metro. Are there any “former landfills” (there are no former landfills) or terrible industrial zones. Pay attention to the construction material - panel or monolith. Here on the fan: the panel today is practically not inferior to the monolith.

It is profitable to make a purchase at the pit, but only from a trusted developer. So you can save up to 30%. It is also very profitable to take an apartment with ready-made finish: the savings on repairs will be up to 1 million rubles.Moreover, today, developers offer several options for modern finishes: light and dark colors, Europe and Asia ... And if that, by law, you have every right to demand from the developer, for example, to shift the tile in the bathroom, if it is made crooked.

As for stocks, the best time to buy an apartment is winter: December - January. It is before the New Year that all developers, without exception, offer buyers decent discounts, usually from 5 to 20%. These discounts are not fake, but there is one big "BUT"

Remember that the shares are not distributed to the entire pool of apartments, but only to those that are sold worst, to the most unprofitable. For example, on the 1st and 13th floors - they are taken with reluctance. Or on apartments in which the view from the window leaves much to be desired.

As for the choice of a bank, here it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons. Indeed, there are many mortgage programs today, but they are very unprofitable compared to European ones. You can choose the largest and seemingly reliable state bank. But interest there will be higher, and, frankly, in the event of such giants for a long time to stand on ceremony with the borrower. Everything is under their control.And the court of such a bank will never win. This needs to be understood. Making a mortgage in obscure banks at a small percentage is also risky. In my journalistic practice, there was a case when a little-known bank selected, or rather secretly resold, a mortgage apartment from a mother with many children with a disability for three months overdue. We with lawyers longly butted with the bank, but did not find the end. To whom? What? First - a collection agency, then to third parties, they are still someone. In general, Mom was thrown on the street, although she had already paid about 3 million rubles for this apartment. And this story is not from the 90s. This is 2013 year.

Mortgage loan: which banks should be contacted

Mortgage loan: which banks should be contacted

The bank is better to choose from strong middling. And do not give in to a very very low interest rate. Well, the developer does not cooperate with all banks, he has his own partners. And you will have to choose a bank from those that the developer will offer you. And remember, when you have financial force majeure, the first thing you need to do is to inform the bank.


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