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Mosaic in the interior of the kitchen: ideas for inspiration

One way to make the interior of any room bright and unforgettable is to use a mosaic in its decoration. This unusual solution can replace the usual ceramic tiles and thus diversify the interior decoration of the kitchen.

Mosaic is a rather old way of decorating, which for some time disappeared from the list of popular methods of designers.At the present stage, the mosaic is experiencing a second birth. New methods are distinguished by improved application and operation.

A variety of pictures created from a variety of individual pieces, very suitable for rooms with an aggressive environment. These rooms include the kitchen, as there are often changes in temperature and there is high humidity.

The main qualities of mosaic surfaces are aesthetics and practicality. Such an element can give the kitchen a special expressiveness and create a general mood of the interior.If you keep the mosaic in the same color tone as the whole kitchen, you can achieve perfect harmony. Since there are no restrictions on the shape and size of the mosaic tile, you can decorate any surface.


The signs of practicality include the following:

  • the mosaic will lie even on an uneven surface;
  • ready mosaic panels can be mounted quickly;
  • elements of such a picture will not burn out and will not lose color even in direct sunlight;
  • all contamination can be easily separated from this surface and chemical means can be used for this.

How to use the mosaic in the kitchen

Mosaic patterns are widely used in the design of premises. In the kitchen, a mosaic can be mounted as a background on walls and other surfaces. Among them:

  • countertops;
  • apron;
  • shelves;
  • ceiling;
  • floor.

Mosaic can transform any room. The most popular way is to design an apron over the work surface. It can stand in any style from country to high-tech. An apron from a mosaic can be a prominent bright spot in the room, as well as harmoniously merging with the general situation of the element.

You can make a mosaic picture of glass, metal, stone (natural or artificial) or ceramics. At the same time, it is important to process all seams qualitatively, since the durability of the operation of such an apron and the ability to keep it in perfect purity depend on it. So that after cleaning the mosaic had a glossy shine, it is enough to wipe it with a soft cloth.

Thanks to such a coating, the apron over the working surface of the kitchen has all the necessary qualities. It is durable, fireproof, withstands temperature fluctuations and high humidity. In addition, such a coating is easy to care for. And its decorative qualities invariably remain at the highest level due to the abundance of materials, textures and shades of details for decoration.

A finished mosaic or fantasy game

Mosaic tiles are characterized by a variety of materials and shades. Details can be made of:

  • ceramics;
  • mirrors;
  • glass;
  • metal.

Such an abundance of varieties will allow not only to choose the finished drawing, but also to independently make a picture, based on your imagination and taste.

The flight of the imagination is not limited.The pattern can be asymmetric, monochrome, with retro-reflective elements or completely matt. As a plot, any pictures can also come out: landscapes, portraits, abstraction and geometric images. The themes can also be national and international motives.

The finished panels of mosaic tiles are made by a large number of manufacturers in a wide range. Among them you can find photographically accurate images that are particularly complex creation. Such a panel consists of several sheets with parts of an image pasted on them. They need only be collected on the trimmed surface in the big picture.

An unusual solution would be a finished mosaic stretch. This is a set of sheets, characterized by a smooth transition from one color to another. Such a product cannot be called a full-fledged panel, but the technology of production and application is similar.

Among the merits of the finished picture can be identified:

  • no need to choose shades and the right amount of detail;
  • relatively simple installation;
  • guaranteed good results;
  • high performance characteristics of the source material;
  • the possibility of ordering a panel on an individual sketch;
  • the ability to use the product on almost any surface;
  • the uniqueness of custom panels.

The disadvantages include:

  • relatively high price;
  • in the absence of a personal sketch, the limited choice of form and theme, as well as non-uniqueness of the product;
  • the difficulty of choosing skilled craftsmen for drawing a picture, due to the rarity of using such a design stroke.

All these characteristics will allow you to make the right choice in favor of a particular way of decorating the kitchen interior.


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