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Multifunctional furniture

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This is ideal when your space is used to the maximum, because there is not much room for storing books, magazines and various knick-knacks. Earlier we told you aboutcardboard furniture, which can be used in the interior, but in this case the furniture is also functional. Even in such a piece of furniture as a wooden chair, you can keep everything that pleases us only limits the size. In this case, wooden boxes became interesting and such functional seats.

If you do not perceive wood as a material for comfortable furniture, you may be interested in - Pompon furniture.

In furniture design, graphics are used to inform the user about the additional useful functions of a chair or stool.

Each chair has a drawer in the seat and in the back. Books, toys, blankets and a bunch of other necessary things will always be at hand (more precisely, under the fifth point and back).

A great alternative to ordinary chairs.


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