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In my free time from school, I love to draw. And since I'm studying at the moment in fifth grade, during these five years, I have a little daddy with my drawings. And now I want a little bit different. That is, I want no longer collect a folder, but start some sort of an album, or a notebook, a large notebook, or something else for my creations) And I don’t know how to be (ahah, strangely probably) Well, I just want to create something like a small book, or a collection book with my drawings. And here's how to be?
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Answered on February 22, 2016 10:40
So buy an album for drawing or a sketchbook and draw on health)
Ira Ivanova
Ira Ivanova
What is a sketchbook?
Answered 23 February 2016 11:29, Butterfly |
The book for all sorts of drawings and sketches, there are many artists.

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