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New role of the old bus: self-sufficient house on wheels

Jesse Lipskin's optimism and perseverance can be envied. This woman managed to turn the old bus into a self-contained house on wheels. It took 3 years to work, but the result is worth it.

Turning an old bus into a dream house

The 1966 GMC bus found Jesse on eBay, the woman immediately had the idea to turn it into a motor home. Many efforts have been made. In addition to documenting and obtaining the necessary permits, it was necessary to ruin the project.

At the beginning the bus looked like this.

Dismantling the seats and clearing the territory turned out to be one of the easiest stages.

The most difficult thing has just begun. The situation inside the mobile home is planned taking into account the changes in the angle of inclination that occur when moving. A special approach was also required for plumbing, electrical and joinery work.

It was necessary to take into account not only the shape of the ceiling, but also the slope of the windows.

3 years of hard work did not pass without a trace.

In the bus house you can live comfortably all year round.

Inside the caravan every detail is thought out. Everything here is soaked with home comfort.

It looks like a bedroom from the kitchen.

The benches, supplemented by doors, make it possible to hide a lot of things from prying eyes.

At the bedroom window there was a place for a mini-library.

Clothing is located in comfortable closets.

The kitchen is quite spacious.

One of its advantages are the viewports.

The fridge-freezer is hidden under the table top.

The bathroom is equipped with not only a wash basin, but also a shower. Every detail thought out here the drain system. Both the shower and the flooring have a drainage layer. Once there, the water flows into the tank, located under the wheel.


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