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Olive Oil Tips

The history of olive oil is rooted in ancient times. The first mention of the olive tree is as much as 14 thousand years. But purposefully, for the purpose of consumption and especially sales, they began to be diluted about 6 thousand years ago. The rulers of ancient states even measured their wealth in amphorae with oil, which were carefully and securely stored in the basements of palaces.

At one time, its production was so profitable that, for example, the Romans managed to significantly expand the territory of their empire, allowing other peoples to grow olive trees in return for land.

Today, the oil made from their fruits is a familiar product in the kitchen of many housewives. But it's sometimes difficult to choose a quality one. Therefore, we have prepared useful recommendations for you that will help you not to lose.

Mediterranean gold

Starting its march around the world from Greece, the green fruit soon conquered the entire Mediterranean. There they were not only used for food, but also actively used for cosmetic and even medicinal purposes.

Let's understand how to choose a natural and worthwhile product made from olives. To begin, let us tell you about what types of oil you can meet in retail chains:

Extra virgin- the most real and natural. A kind of "fresh" from the green fruit, in which there are no additives and preservatives. In the world, such a product is called "liquid gold." They make it, like thousands of years ago, by squeezing under the press. Thus, all useful substances, aroma and original taste are saved. The high price of such an unrefined product is due to the fact that only 200 ml of oil is obtained from a kilogram of fruit.

If you bought an extra virgin oil, know that it will definitely be bitter. In recently spilled this property is particularly pronounced, in the one that has been in the bottle for about six months - to a lesser extent. If no bitterness, then before you is not extra virgin.

Pure - cleaned.This is the first spin at which the raw material after the press undergoes the cleaning process. Then it is mixed with extra virgin in a ratio of 85/15. This is one of the most popular and purchased products. There is practically no bitterness in it, but the main thing is preserved - a healthy composition, taste and smell.

Pomace- the product of the second spin, which is prepared from the cake. Of course, without chemicals there is no cost. The composition of this oil has a small amount of extra virgin, which helps stabilize the taste and lower the acidity.

Already, even on the basis of the names and their short characteristics, you can make your choice. But we still recommend focusing on several criteria:


Standing in front of the shelves with the products, it is necessary first of all to decide for what purposes you are going to purchase it. If you need oil primarily for frying and cooking at high temperatures, then do not overpay, boldly take the product of the second spin. For dressing salads, cooking sauces and eating in raw form, you can buy more expensive species.


In addition to the type of spinning the cost is also affected by the grade. Read the label carefully. If you see abbreviations P.O.D or D.O.P, know that these are elite varieties. Fruits for them were grown in a certain area, and the manufacturing process was carried out at the gathering place.

This means that all links, from growing to cooking, meet all environmental standards.


This is the number that indicates the amount of oleic acid. Usually, for extra virgin, this figure is 0.8%. For baby food is better to look for a product with a rate of 0.5%. In oil cake, it is usually more than 1.5%.

The best option is 0.75%. This oil is suitable for heat treatment, and for use in raw.

Packing and color

A product in a bright container may lose its properties due to exposure to sunlight. Because it is worth choosing dark glass bottles. It is better to refuse plastic and tin packings.

As for color, the yellow amber habitual to everyone is a standard. But often you can find green oil. The leaves of the tree, which are added to it, they do not add any additional useful properties.


This is another parameter that is worth paying attention to. Its presence suggests that before you is not a product of cold-pressed, and the oil, which was produced by mixing. That is, the extra virgin variety has been added to the refined.


World leaders in the production of "liquid gold" - Spain, Italy, Greece and Tunisia. Products made in these countries, you can buy without fear of getting to a fake.

We hope that our simple tips will help you buy a quality product, and decide which of the oils you bought earlier was better.

But remember that you need to store a bottle with “liquid gold” at home in a dark place, because the main enemy of useful substances in it is direct sunlight. It is not recommended to put it in the refrigerator, condensate can worsen the taste. Enjoy the shopping!

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