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Operation Sky-Skin: the secret weapon of the modern girl

Why girls of the Bond are not afraid to shine in frank dresses? Their secret is not only a slim body, but also completely smooth skin without a single extra hair!
Epilation in Chelyabinsk
Photo: courtesy of the Jeternel Cosmetology Center

With the arrival of summer, the problem of excess body hair again becomes the main pain of all the girls in the country. If in the winter we could still hide the spiky growing hairs on our legs under tight tights and gloss over just before a date with the man of your dreams, this number will not work in the heat. Sad to lose the reputation of impeccably groomed beauty? Then welcome to Sky-Skin Diode Laser Hair Removal!

Epilation diode laser firmly gained the position of the first method for long-term hair removal. She is offered by the best clinics of the world, stars and celebrities on the pages of their blogs declare her love. What is the secret of the unrivaled success of diode hair removal? We collect a dossier for the best epilation of our time.

1. This is an effective epilation.

Mankind has not yet come up with a better way to remove hair than diode hair removal. Wax and shugaring give a maximum of smoothness for a couple of weeks and can not do without irritation and ingrown hairs. A significant part of the IPL light emission is distributed over the surface of the skin, so photoepilation cannot boast of high efficiency, but it can cause overheating and burns.

Epilation in Chelyabinsk
Photo: courtesy of the Jeternel Cosmetology Center

Laser beams are able to penetrate much deeper than light, and destroy the hair roots much faster. But the result of laser hair removal directly depends on the length and power of the stream of rays, as well as on the duration of the impulses. When you create a diode laser, which performs hair removal Sky-Skin were taken into account the results of all previous developments. Indicators of its radiation are perfectly balanced, so this epilation without false modesty can be called one of the most effective.

2. Sky-Skin removes any hair on the skin of any color.

Until recently, the skin and hair color were extremely important for effective laser hair removal. Many devices are able to recognize only thick dark hair on light skin.In other cases, they can not help.

For Sky-Skin epilation, a slight color contrast between the skin and the hair is sufficient. Thousands of brown-haired women, blondes and red-haired beauties with any skin tone and hair of any structure are ready to confirm this.

3. Sky-Skin - easy and painless hair removal

To endure powerful pulses of laser radiation is not everyone's strength. With the use of some devices, the discomfort does not leave even after local anesthesia, especially in the sensitive bikini area. Laser epilation Sky-Skin relieved their clients from the torment of hair removal.

To eliminate pain, Sky-Skin acts in three ways:

  • its radiation power is about 800 nm. This is enough to effectively destroy the hair follicle, prevent burns and provide comfort;
  • Sky-Skin rays are targeted at destroying follicles. Its energy is absorbed only by the hairs and is not distributed over the skin. Thus, Sky-Skin simultaneously prevents pain and burns;
  • Special thermoregulatory coolers are built into the tip of the device, which, upon contact, instantly reduce the temperature of the skin. The passage of the pulse is practically not felt.

Additional anesthesia for Sky-Skin hair removal is not needed. Only girls with hypersensitivity of the skin or when epilating a bikini area can insure themselves.

Epilation in Chelyabinsk
Photo: courtesy of the Jeternel Cosmetology Center

4. Sky-Skin can be done in summer

The ban on sunburn and bright sun are the main disadvantages of laser hair removal, because it is so necessary now, in the days of open dresses, mini-shorts and bikinis. But these contraindications do not concern Sky-Skin! Of course, it is not allowed to go to the beach immediately after the procedure, but after a couple of weeks you can safely fly away on vacation. Those who work hard all summer long in the office and do not spend much time in direct sunlight, it is enough to use a good cream with SPF protection.

Sustained tanning is also not a hindrance. Sky-Skin recognizes even slightly burnt hairs on darkened skin, provided that there is still a contrast between them. Before the procedure it is also recommended to give up sunbathing for some time. So you will definitely avoid overheating of the skin, burns and possible hyperpigmentation in the field of laser exposure.

5. It is profitable

Sky-Skin is an incredibly practical procedure. Just imagine: razors, shaving creams and lotions you have to buy for life. Pay for permanent wax or sugar depilation will have even more.And Sky-Skin will save you from problems with excess hair in just a few treatments.

Epilation in Chelyabinsk
Photo: courtesy of the Jeternel Cosmetology Center

How fast will Sky-Skin handle hair?

Unfortunately, no laser can remove �all at once�. The point here is not in the efficiency of the equipment, but in our physiology. Body hair grows gradually. The life cycle of each of them consists of three stages:

  • growth that lasts from 1.5 to 7 years;
  • transition to rest - 2-3 weeks;
  • rest - about 3 months.

Any radiation affects only those hairs that are in the active growth stage. Depending on the area of the body and the individual characteristics of each girl, the number of such hairs ranges from 15 to 30%, the other follicles are in a �sleeping� state, waiting for their time. It is easy to calculate that for ideal smoothness of the skin in one zone, it will take at least 4 to 6 visits to the beautician with a break of 1�1.5 months.

The number of procedures depends on a number of other factors:

  1. Devices with weak ineffective radiation can not destroy the follicle with one time. So, photoepilation directly declares the course of 10-15 procedures. Sky-Skin in most cases copes with hair really in 4�6 sessions.
  2. Hair growth in hormone-dependent areas in women is always higher, and the number of �spare� follicles is much greater. These areas include face, bikini and underarms. Temperamental brunettes with high hormonal background course of procedures have to be increased.
  3. When a hormonal surge, for example, during pregnancy or enhanced hormone therapy, the hair begins to grow again. After the Sky-Skin course, 1-2 support procedures per year are sufficient.

Do not forget that during laser hair removal, cosmetologists have to "determine by eye" the depth of the hair follicles and the density of the client's skin. This nuance can also increase the number of procedures and the cost of epilation. Therefore, when choosing a clinic, it is better to trust professionals with years of experience.

It doesn't matter if you prefer light dresses or thick jeans, romantic walks in Paris or active holidays in the mountains. With Sky-Skin epilation, you can soar into the skies or sink to the seabed, but always stay on top!

Do not miss your chance on smooth skin! Have time to sign up for easy and effective hair removal before vacation inCenter cosmetology Jeternelby the address:

+7 (351) 741-12-05, Chelyabinsk, Komsomolsky prospect, 48

License No. LO-74-01-002430 dated November 25, 2013 for the implementation of the medical activity of LLC �Inspiration�.

There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.


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