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In 2015, there are only three mobile operators in the Crimea, and all of them, in one way or another, belong to MTS: MTS-Ukraine, Win Mobile (K-Telecom) and MTS-Russia. Moreover, the conditions of service they have, rates and services are significantly different. When buying a starter pack, you should be very careful not to suffer because of your carelessness.

Operator MTS Crimea

Operator MTS Crimea

Before proceeding to the consideration of all tariffs and services of the operator MTS Russia in Crimea, you should deal with the other two and understand the difference:

  • MTS Ukraine in Crimea - currently only works in technical roaming, although it does provide Internet access. Suitable for those who need to regularly call to Ukraine, because the rates are very low. But the quality of the coverage and the connection itself is quite bad.
  • Win Mobile (K-Telecom) - in fact, is a subsidiary regional company of MTS Russia (even confused), but the tariff plans here are significantly different from the parent company. Also, if you need to make calls to MTS, calls will not be counted within the network.Starting packages of this operator differ only in color, so be careful.
  • MTS Russia in Crimea is currently the main operator on the peninsula, well known to both Russians and Ukrainians.


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