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Original tulip skirt: a simple pattern with his own hands

The tulip skirt is a tulip-shaped skirt whose cup looks down. The upper part of the skirt has a voluminous cut, the length is slightly above the knee.

This style was invented a long time ago. The length and the various additions in the form of pockets, drapes, multilayer have undergone changes. But most skirts-tulips of our time still look modern, without a touch of retro 60's. Moreover, this charming model is easy to sew.

Consider the phased steps in this direction:

1. Draw a coquette on the front canvas of the skirt.

2. To the side cut of the back part of the skirt, transfer the value that is equal to the width of the coquette on the line of the side cut of the front part (8 cm).

3. Make the line of the bottom edge of the back yoke slightly curved.

4. At the front, draw lines of cuts in the form of two vertical lines. Side auxiliary should be in the middle of the tuck to the bottom line. The front auxiliary must be carried out from the middle of the tuck to the middle of the front.

Depending on the specific type of tulip skirt model, the number and location of these lines has many options.

5. Cut the yoke, close the tuck, trim the slices.

6. The front part expands only from above - along the bottom line everything remains unchanged.

Having marked the lines, cut the front part, without cutting to the end. Spread these parts of the skirt to a distance equal to the depth of the folds (approximately 3-5 cm).

7. At the back of the silhouette changes in the same way as the front, or remains straight. In line with this, there may be two options for distributing the stop darts in their total amount after you cut off the flirt:

a) on the back of the skirt two tucks are combined into one, and lengthening by 1 cm, are located in the middle;

b) solutions for tucks divided into two parts: one to remove in the side slice, the other - in the middle.

The style of this skirt is most suitable for spring and summer. It is sewn, as a rule, from light fabrics. This skirt looks great with a wedge, stiletto, ankle boots with heels and pumps. It is difficult to say whether the tulip skirt is combined with shoes without heels (ballet flats, etc.)

Many designers oppose this combination, they believe that it shortens the legs visually.But among celebrities, such a variant of combining this skirt with shoes is increasingly common. In the "star" environment, "tulips" are worn with ballet shoes, and even with sandals, as, for example, does actress Reese Witherspoon. True, skirts for wearing with such shoes are chosen somewhat shorter - to the middle of the thigh, since the “mini” in combination with shoes without heels looks great.

The lightness, ease, fragility and airiness of girls in skirts of this style can be emphasized not only with specially selected shoes for the “tulip”, but also with various accompanying accessories, as well as with a well-chosen top, taking into account the overall style, hair, hair color, eyes, make-up, without forgetting about the nature of the movements, in accordance with the peculiarities of the behavior of the owner of the skirt of such a cut. A tulip skirt made by hand is especially beautiful and is worn, because you did it for yourself exactly as you would like.

As for the top of a tulip skirt, you can choose it for every taste in all its varieties: shirts, blouses, T-shirts, tops, short jackets and jackets. An excellent combination of a tulip skirt with corsets and bustier tops.

It is noteworthy that the style of this skirt is truly universal.It can be worn and to work, and for a walk, and in some cases be used as evening wear. For a business style, it needs to be combined with strict shirts, blouses with optical prints made of heavy materials. A light and sophisticated image will create a skirt ensemble with a light, light blouse.

A tulip skirt is suitable for women of high and medium height. Low girls skirt will slightly fill and shorten the growth.

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